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  1. The Impact of the Plant-Based Revolution on the Fitness Industry

    Our approach to food is starting to change on a grand scale. There’s always been differing preferences out there when... Read More
  2. The Secret to Reducing Recovery Time and Boosting Performance

    Most keen athletes are astutely focused on their protein intake, as well as their micros and macros.  Naturally, your level... Read More
  3. Six Top Tips for Faster Post-Exercise Recovery

    Anyone who’s ever experienced the pain of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – commonly known as DOMS – will attest that... Read More
  4. Which Dietary Supplements Help You to Heal Faster?

    The body relies on nutrients to heal after an injury. Recovery pushes the system into high alert, leveraging hormones, enzymes... Read More
  5. Dietary Supplements and Sports Performance

    It should go without saying that athletes and sportspeople need to keep their bones and hearts strong in order to... Read More
  6. 5 Essential Hydration Facts All Athletes Should Know About

    Competing, or taking part in sporting events? Make sure to optimise your hydration. Endurance athletes taking part in longer competitions... Read More
  7. Sports Nutrition for Athletes: Top Foods to Fuel Performance

    Food is fuel. What we put into our bodies necessarily impacts our physical performance: how fast we can run, how... Read More
  8. Why Plant Proteins are Preferable to Animal Proteins

    Recently we discussed the best vegetarian protein sources available to us, and why everyone would benefit from reducing their intake... Read More
  9. Are You Properly Hydrating Your Muscles?

    Many people believe that building healthy, sustainable muscle mass is just a matter of taking sufficient quantities of protein –... Read More

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