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  1. During Stressful Times, Reach for a Drink – Of Water

    Stressed! That is the word I hear most when I enquire, ‘How are you doing?’ Many of us have never... Read More
  2. A Guide to Vitamins and Minerals That Impact Your Mood

    Do you know the #1 cause of acquired insanity? It’s nutrient deficiency! People tend to separate emotions from the physical... Read More
  3. Daily Diaphragmatic Breathing for Stress Relief, Immunity & Lung Function

    It’s natural to breathe without thinking about it. It’s just what we do to stay alive. But we can choose... Read More
  4. Understanding Your Body’s Stress Response [Plus 7 Ways to Destress]

    Ever felt the need for answers? Like your head is filled with cotton wool and you end up going round... Read More
  5. How to Step Into the Blue Mind State to Reduce Anxiety, Induce Calm

    You feel refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world. Maybe you had a shower, a bath or spent... Read More
  6. 5 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Nature Therapy

    Nature lovers the world over have attested to the power of the great outdoors for boosting health and wellbeing. We’ve... Read More
  7. 6 Ways to Practice Gratitude and the Health Benefits of Doing So

    Health is often thought of as physical. When in reality everything starts in the mind. Anyone suffering from depression or... Read More
  8. The Connection Between Adrenal Fatigue, Stress & Water

    The requirement for drinking an adequate amount of water is up-regulated when we exercise. This is well known, but did... Read More
  9. 9 Nutrients That Can Counteract the Impact of Stress

    Stress in its many forms – physical, environmental or emotional – increases the body’s requirement for nutrients, as vitamins and... Read More
  10. Exploring the Heart–Brain Axis and How Stress Kills

    The nervous and cardiovascular systems have a bidirectional relationship. This means that if there is an injury or imbalance in... Read More

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