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Water for Health

  1. How to Use the Best of Nature to Balance Your Microbiome and Improve Immunity

    Your body is made up of more bacteria than cells, some of them opportunistic that will turn into disease if... Read More
  2. Why the Spectrum of Omega-3s are Vital for Women’s Health

    Omega-3 fatty acids have been credited with a number of health benefits, including heart health, cognitive function and proper growth and... Read More
  3. Iodine Deficiency: A Contributor to Poor Health?

    According to a 2009 study, approximately 50 percent or more of the adult population in most developed Westernised countries is deficient in... Read More
  4. Could The Lignans In Flaxseed Help Menopausal Women?

    Although they are not always fun, women’s bodies go through several important changes during their lifetime. From puberty to pregnancy... Read More
  5. Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency – Yes, It’s a Real Health Issue!

    Before you dismiss oxygen deficiency as a bogus health issue concocted by pharmaceutical companies in a transparent bid to sell you their... Read More
  6. Spirulina: A Blue Green Algae That Boosts the Immune System, Reduces Candida and Protects Cells from Damage

    As the colder weather approaches it becomes increasingly important to incorporate foods into your diet that boost the immune system... Read More
  7. Are Superfoods and Their Claims Too Good to be True?

    Even your favourite celebrity can seem a bit annoying when over-advertised. The same goes with food. When so-called “superfoods” and... Read More

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