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Combining the best of modern science with ancient herbal tradition.
Courtesy of leading Italian producer Erbenobili.

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3 Items

  1. Iperten Vin

    From £13.25

    • Spagyric formula
    • Supports healthy blood cholesterol
    • Supplied in 50ml bottles
  2. M-DMG

    From £19.00

    • Natural immunity formula
    • Contains Maitake mushroom extract
    • Source of DMG
  3. Glucoerb

    From £13.25

    • Natural blood sugar support
    • Combined plant extracts
    • 60 tablets

Spagyric medicine combines the best of modern science with ancient herbal traditions to produce products that offer valuable support to human health.

Spagyric products are designed to help restore balance to the body, both physically and psychologically.

We are pleased to offer products from leading Italian supplier Erbenobili – food supplements produced under optimal conditions so as to harness the power of modern scientific practice and ancient herbal customs.

The company's unique production and conditioning process enhances the therapeutic properties of the botanical and mineral ingredients they favour.

Balanced Extraction of Active Plant and Mineral Ingredients

The extraction techniques used by Erbenobili, although supported by modern scientific equipment, respect the ancient dictates of spagyric herbal science.

In particular, emphasis is placed on optimum conditions of light, humidity and temperature. This is guaranteed in the special greenhouse environment which is the heart of the Erbenobili facility, and allows for a balanced extraction of the phytocomplex characterising the plants.

This simple yet natural process helps to harness the energy of nature and the plants' active principles, which interact with and aid the functioning of our body systems.

Spagyric processes crucially depend on the passion of the producer – something found in abundance at Erbonobili. However, passion must be combined with comprehensive knowledge of spagyric processes and a thorough understanding of the plant world.

The extraction process, incidentally, uses red wine as a solvent. Wine has many beneficial active ingredients, and it is known to improve the bioavailability of plant extracts and thereby enhance their effectiveness.

Produced Under Optimum Conditions with Knowledge and Passion

Erbenobili products are produced in the south of Italy, where conditions are ideal for spagyric botanical product production. The climate, the ready supply of high-quality wine and the thorough scientific knowledge – combined with a love of nature – ensures products that are compatible with, and helpful for, the human body.

If you are a health practitioner, we have further information that might be of interest to you. For details, give us a call on 01764 662111 or e-mail us