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  • GutSmart Kits and Packs

    Tailor the perfect regimen for smoother, healthier digestion with the GutSmart range. Several gut health protocols are available and may help to rebalance inadequate gut flora while renewing and colonising beneficial bacteria. Progurt’s synergistic blend of Human Probiotic Isolates – all 1 trillion of them – effectively rebalance and restore without disturbing the tummy’s natural bacterial balance.

  • Progurt Chloride

    Progurt Chloride helps you overcome common mineral deficiencies. The essential concentrate contains four highly absorbable mineral chlorides to assist with a range of bodily functions. Made from all-natural ingredients, it can be added to water or juice and drunk. Created by pioneering probiotic company Progurt, Chloride is rapidly absorbed and the ultimate ionic mineral chloride formulation.

  • Progurt Enzymes
    Multiple Proteolytic Enzyme Concentrate. A nightly circulation optimiser concentrated from a complex, richly nourishing blend of fermented vegetable enzymes, formulated to enhance circulation and optimise blood flow without affecting body physiology directly. An optimising blend of proteolytic enzymes
  • Progurt Immuno Protein
    An anti-oxidant daily immune booster enhanced with multifunctional natural proteins to deliver intense support to the immune system to actively protect against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Stimulating glycoproteins contain oligosaccharides, encourage the growth of Bifidobacteria in the gut and regulate the absorption of minerals such as iron. Active proteins soothe and cleanse gently, ideal for those prone to viral infections and skin irritations and conditions
  • Progurt pH Caps

    Compared to natural sea salt, Progurt’s Deep Ocean Alkaline Salt Capsules are lower in sodium chloride but higher in the chlorides of magnesium, potassium and calcium. This key difference has a significant effect on hydration, circulation and the appropriate regulation of gut pH, all of which are important for digestion and a balanced microbiota. The vegan-friendly capsules have a pH of 10.3.

  • Progurt Prebiotic

    Progurt Prebiotic reflects the same high standards as the company’s 1 trillion CFU probiotic. Made from all-natural ingredients, this probiotic-stimulating syrup helps feed the good bacteria in your gut and promote a healthy microbiota. It contains three well-researched prebiotic fibres and is well-tolerated by the human digestive system. If peak gut health is your goal, choose Progurt Prebiotic.

  • Progurt Probiotics

    Progurt is the most powerful probiotic supplement in the world, with each sachet containing 1 trillion CFU – around 40 times as much as other market-leading probiotics. Not only that, but the bacteria are Human Probiotic Isolates – identical to those found in a healthy human gut from birth. It is this effective strain of friendly bacteria which sets Progurt sachets apart from the competition.

  • Progurt Yogurt Incubator

    With the Progurt Incubator, you can quickly and easily make yourself the world’s healthiest probiotic yogurt. That’s right, no more buying expensive pre-made probiotic yogurt from the shop. Simply add a sachet of 1 trillion CFU Progurt along with UHT milk and away you go. The electric probiotic maker is energy-efficient, child-safe and made from fully recyclable resins.