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B-vitamins and omega-3s are known as powerful brain nutrients. If memory, focus and learning are your priorities, browse our range.

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  1. UnoCardio Vegan

    From £27.75

    • Vegan Algae Oil Softgels
    • Omega-3 800mg
    • 265mg EPA/465mg DHA
  2. UnoCardio Active Mind + Vision

    From £27.75

    • 545mg omega-3 in rTG form
    • Vitamin D & B complex
    • For brain, vision & immunity
  3. WHC UnoCardio X2: Pure Fish Oil

    From £37.75

    • 1150mg omega-3
    • Ranked #3 by Labdoor
    • Two-month supply
  4. UnoCardio 1000

    From £37.75

    • #1 ranked fish oil (Labdoor)
    • 675mg EPA + 460mg DHA
    • 1,000 i.u. Vitamin D

Looking to keep your brain sharp and make your memories last? You’ve come to the right place. Our small but effective range of neurological supplements have been engineered to promote normal cognitive performance. They manage this by supplying valuable nutrients to promote concentration, mental clarity and focus. Fish oils are of course the most crucial component, although certain vitamins and antioxidants also play their part.