Digestive Support

Digestive Support

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High-strength probiotics, multi-strain enzymes and other effective formulas to aid digestion naturally.

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  1. Progurt Probiotics

    From £37.75

    • World's strongest probiotic
    • Human-derived bacteria
    • Multiple synergistic strains
  2. Progurt Prebiotic

    From £49.75

    • Vegetarian prebiotic
    • Contains three prebiotic fibres
    • Sweeten food or add to water
  3. Quantum Gallbladder Support

    From £14.25

    • Natural gallbladder formula
    • Multiple organic ingredients
    • Highly absorbable
  4. Keto Zone Fat-Zyme

    From £29.75

    • Digestive enzyme blend
    • Keto-friendly
    • High lipase content
  5. Maximized Turmeric 46x

    From £29.75

    • Highly absorbable
    • Contains BioPerine®
    • Free from gluten, dairy and soy
  6. Green Vibrance Powder

    From £27.75

    • Multi award-winning greens blend
    • 70+ ingredients
    • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  7. Fermented Mushrooms

    From £24.75

    • Fermented mushroom complex
    • Contains 4 mushroom species
    • Organic ingredients

If we are going to enjoy optimum health, we need to have a properly functioning digestive system. Problems in the digestive tract affect every other body system including our cardiovascular and emotional health. Our range includes a number of high-quality probiotics and digestive enzymes in addition to botanical products to help promote a properly functioning digestive tract.