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Composed of nutrients conducive to smooth skin and healthy hair, our high-quality formulas have aesthetic appeal.

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  1. Biocera Washing Balls

    From £52.75

    • Detergent-free laundry ball
    • Saves time, water and energy
    • Lasts 2-3 years
  2. Biocera Vitamin C Shower Filter

    From £29.75

    • Filters chlorine & rust
    • Uses bioceramics, vitamin C
    • May relieve dry skin, itchy scalp
  3. Biocera Premium Shower Head Filter

    From £52.75

    • Removes chlorine
    • Three spray settings
    • Easy to install
  4. O'Hisa

    From £42.75

    • Plant-based nutraceutical
    • Contains skin-friendly nutrients
    • Pure quality, no chemical solvents
  5. Hydrogen Water Mist

    From £52.75

    • Makes hydrogen water
    • Long-lasting moisturiser
    • Lasts 2-3 years
  6. Sublingual Biotin

    From £16.75

    • High-strength sublingual biotin
    • Developed by doctors
    • 100 tablets per pack

Although the majority of our products promote internal health, we have a select number which offer aesthetic benefits to the skin and hair. These supplements can help you maintain smoother, fresher skin and shiny, luxuriant hair, though they also have other benefits. Click on the individual products above to learn more.