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Spagyric medicine combines the best of modern science with ancient herbal traditions to produce products that offer valuable support to human health.

Spagyric products are designed to help restore balance to the body, both physically and psychologically.

We are pleased to offer products from leading Italian supplier Erbenobili – food supplements produced under optimal conditions so as to harness the power of modern scientific practice and ancient herbal customs.

The company's unique production and conditioning process enhances the therapeutic properties of the botanical and mineral ingredients they favour.

Balanced Extraction of Active Plant and Mineral Ingredients

The extraction techniques used by Erbenobili, although supported by modern scientific equipment, respect the ancient dictates of spagyric herbal science.

In particular, emphasis is placed on optimum conditions of light, humidity and temperature. This is guaranteed in the special greenhouse environment which is the heart of the Erbenobili facility, and allows for a balanced extraction of the phytocomplex characterising the plants.

This simple yet natural process helps to harness the energy of nature and the plants' active principles, which interact with and aid the functioning of our body systems.

Spagyric processes crucially depend on the passion of the producer – something found in abundance at Erbonobili. However, passion must be combined with comprehensive knowledge of spagyric processes and a thorough understanding of the plant world.

The extraction process, incidentally, uses red wine as a solvent. Wine has many beneficial active ingredients, and it is known to improve the bioavailability of plant extracts and thereby enhance their effectiveness.

Produced Under Optimum Conditions with Knowledge and Passion

Erbenobili products are produced in the south of Italy, where conditions are ideal for spagyric botanical product production. The climate, the ready supply of high-quality wine and the thorough scientific knowledge – combined with a love of nature – ensures products that are compatible with, and helpful for, the human body.

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  • multimagnesio

    Multimagnesio consists of five different magnesium salts to increase bioavailability and efficacy. The absorption of magnesium, as well as for other minerals, is closely linked to the type of salt it is administered in. Multimagnesio's constituents are activated using the spagyric method by the renowned Italian company Erbenobili, and a daily serving will meet 100% of your magnesium needs.

  • Protegol
    Protegol (previously Propgola) has been developed to produce an emollient action on the oral cavity. Italian propolis is combined with other plant extracts to produce a balsamic, emollient and protective effect on the oral cavity, enhanced by strongly balsamic essential oils.
  • Ipertenvin

    Iperten Vin is a natural remedy believed to help to maintain the physiological values of blood pressure and control blood cholesterol levels. It is made from plant extracts combined with Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive, indicated to promote regular blood pressure and Coenzyme Q10 with Vitamin C which help protect cells from oxidative stress.

  • propgola

    PropGola has been developed to produce emollient oral action. Italian propolis is used in combination with plant extracts known to exert a balsamic effect, softening and protecting the oral cavity. This combination is enhanced by the presence of strongly balsamic essential oils.

  • M-DMG

    M-DMG has been developed to help boost the immune system. It is based on a combination of nutraceuticals extracts of Japanese traditional fungi, believed to be useful to support and strengthen the immune system, promoting the body's natural defence.

  • DMG-Gold

    DMG-Gold helps aid mental and physical health by supporting the function of both the nervous system and the immune system. It also performs an important antioxidant function by offering protection from harmful free radicals. The spagyric supplement is a combination of powerful nutraceuticals including dimethylglycine, trimethylglycine, B-vitamins and essential oil of sweet orange. 

  • Epavin
    Epavin is a classic herbal combination which uses many plants traditionally thought to enhance drainage and detoxification, restoring the physiological functions of the liver and assisting in the digestive process. It is one of the most popular Spagyric products which combine modern science and ancient botanical knowledge.
  • Glucoerb

    Glucoerb is a combination of plant extracts believed to act physiologically on sugar metabolism in order to normalise physiological glycemic levels. It is also considered to be a valuable adjuvant in low-calorie diets aimed at weight reduction.

  • rhalax grani

    Rhalax Grani is a classic combination of plants rich in anthraquinone substances in tablets enriched with substances to protect  the intestinal mucosa, producing a product that physiologically promotes and regulates intestinal transit and reduces bloating.

  • serenvin

    Serenvin is a combination of hydro-alcoholic solution extracts believed to promote physiological relaxation, restful sleep and reduce anxiety and tension. If you're struggling to get the shut-eye you need, why not give it a try? Sleep is essential to quality of life, after all.