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Water for Health - Specialist supplier of alkaline water ionizers and alkalising supplements

Water for Health Ltd is a family company fiercely committed to supplying products that make a real difference in people's lives. Not only do we provide effective products but we endeavour to support that with a speedy, personal and friendly service.

We are always happy to talk to customers and prospective customers to share information which we feel will be helpful to them. Having suffered in the past with less than ideal health, I have come to believe from personal experience that the secret of optimum health is to maintain the pH of the body at the optimum level which it is designed to be. That way, the body will be properly oxygenated and best able to take up the necessary nutrients it needs. It will also be better able to avoid degenerative diseases and slow down the aging process. We know that good nutrition and proper hydration can work wonders for our health.

Based in beautiful Perthshire, in the heartland of Scotland, we distribute products throughout the UK and into Europe. Most people receive their products within a few days of ordering. We value our customers and love to hear their success stories. Feel free to call us; you will not be speaking to an impersonal 'call centre' but to real people who genuinely care about what we sell and care about the impact our products make.