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Water for Health - Client Testimonials

Below is a list of testimonials we have received from customers, giving you a flavour of who we are and the quality of products we sell.

Hi Roddy
We have been using our Energy Plus Water Filter for a couple of months now and we are so pleased that we went for it after much research into all systems and prices. My sister paid 3 times more for her reverse osmosis filter, which apart from wasting 9 litres to produce 1 litre of drinking water doesn't taste as good as ours that doesn't waste any water. We have doubled our water intake simply because we really enjoy the taste and it doesn't smell at all. Our old filter system failed to remove the clorine smell. I fitted it myself (with your help on the phone, thanks for your patience), I have no hesitation in recommending this product and your business, everyone was so helpful and the price was great. I was so pleased with the filter that I have purchased a second one from you to fit at our Spanish property, should save me a fortune in bottled water. Thanks again for all your and your staff's knowledgeable advice.

R. & D. Redmond

Dear Roddy ,we just wanted to thank you for always being so helpful.
We love everything that you sell and for the amazing costumer service.
Your products, your delivery service, your members of staff.....everything and everyone is just incredible!
Thank you so much!

S. & G. London

Hi Ed

We had the Energy Plus installed on Christmas Eve and have been using it for almost a week now.

We are absolutely delighted with it - quite aside from the wider health benefits, it's like having spring water from the tap, all chemical tastes and smells gone completely. The water taste is transformed from what we usually have here (South East Water in east Berkshire).

My wife and I are both big tea fans, especially Taiwan High Mountain Oolong. Very delicate. The taste is much improved, like using bottled water rather than tap.

Anyway I thought I'd just say the new tap brings us joy every day when we use it - no more ineffective jug filters! I'm so glad I took the plunge on this.

T.K. Berks

Thank you,
That was so fast and you have such great products, I will recommend your company to all my friends.
Thank again, super happy!!x

H.B. West Midlands

Thank you so much, 

Goods received and I'm so impressed with your service and product. Communication by email about my order has been excellent! What a refreshing change. Best wishes.

S.W. Guilford


I love the water. With a reduced wheat diet I feel way less bloated, more energy. Trying to tackle sugar too but feel one step at a time for now! I'm cooking using the pink salt always and I love it!!!

C. O. Ireland

Many thanks for the more than prompt delivery of my order and the oils samples. You're the best when it comes to customer service. 

Thanks again.

P. T. West Yorkshire

The Biocera Filter is an absolutely brilliant product! Full 5*+++! Easily refillable. Robust, comfortable & easy to use, pour & re-fill. Tip flap guides the water perfectly (quite contrary to the critism from a couple of people). Impeccable first-class product. Worth every penny. Buy & enjoy the multiplicity of benefits!

The Field of Greens:-

Once again 5*+++. Brilliant alkalising natural product. Have just been coughing & hacking all night, I added one scoop to some natural yogurt & its alkalinity has calmed the pepsins in my larynx instantly, quite incredible!!! Buy & enjoy the relief!

Thank you so much to the exceptional professionalism, care & courtesy of everyone at Water for Health!!!

R. B. London

...very glad to have found a green drink which includes Chlorella and Spirulina which both offer so many health benefits. Taste wise I find them all pretty much of a muchness. I have been testing my pH since starting this batch and find I am consistently above 7. I was also very impressed at how much electrical charge there is in the powder - you can see it when you put the teaspoon in and the powder kind of attracts to it! Finally, I like that there aren't sachets of silica in the tub like with the others.

As always, it is a real pleasure to deal with such a friendly, down to earth and professional company!
A. H. Oxford

As a new customer I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with your service. I ordered two products recently and they both arrived the day after I ordered them, which I though was really impressive.

Many thanks.

J. F. Kent

I have been using Green Superfood powders for over 10 years now. I am a Personal Trainer and am very active, and need to be on top form so that I both look and feel healthy when training my clients. With a history of digestive problems, in the past I have spent a fortune on probiotics, digestive enzymes, superfoods and anything else that I thought might help. Just over a year ago I came across Green Vibrance powder. I couldn't believe how phenomenal the list of ingredients was. It left no stone unturned, from the probiotics and digestive enzymes that I needed to green superfoods, antioxidants, immune support to name a few. From someone who has tried all of the leading brands and done a lot of research, this product is outstanding and by far the best. It is worth every penny for the health benefits that I have experienced since I started taking it. It tastes great and every time I take it I know that I am giving my body all the nutrients that it needs regardless of what I eat for the day.

P. C. Northumberland

It has been a pleasure to deal with you in the last two years. My heart tells me that yours is an honest company.

A. J. Ayrshire

I must say that since using the alkaline water filter my health has improved no end. I have not lost a day of work to ill health since I started using it back in July and my skin looks amazing, some have even commented it looks like porcelian. My cats even drink it, one of which had a large lipoma (benign fatty deposit) on his chest which has now shrunk by 50%, his coat is gleaming and he has increased energy for a cat of his age (14).

I only wish I could convince others to buy the filter, others that are continually ill and refuse to believe my story.

R. W. Essex

Roddy thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me last week. It was very kind of you to give your time and I really felt that you cared, even though you didn't at that point know that I was going to buy any products. For me it all seems to make sense now and all the books I have read on different aspects of nutrition and the effects on the body seem to be falling into place.

L. W. Kent

We are delighted with the product and the quality of the water - I am now going to tell everyone we know about it in the hopes that they, too, will discover good water.

Thanks for everything and 'bon continuation' to 'Water for Health'.

M. D. France

I do feel very lucky to have found you and Water for Health!

A. R. London

Many thanks again, Roddy. It was great talking with you. Quite frankly, I didn't expect to be talking with a genuine 'humanitarian' when I called you. I expected to be speaking with someone who would simply persuade me to order the products, that's all. God bless you.

I. G. London

We have recently started using the Alkalark and are very pleased with it.

E. Y. Cyprus

Thanks to you for such a quick delivery!

D. D. Sussex

Just a note that I've been meaning to send for some time to let you know that I'm very pleased with the Melody (bought in May I think). I was afraid to attempt fitting it for a few days, but it turned out to be incredibly simple. Thanks for great service.

B. N. Strathclyde

I think you have a great range of products and an ethos to match!

S. P. Sussex

Bless you for all the effort and advice, and I look forward to the parcel coming hopefully today.

S. B. Leicestershire

That's great customer service and it's much appreciated.

M. K. Kent

Just to let you know the water is tasting great now!

A. R. London

We are enjoying the Jupiter, thank you, and as time goes on I will know how much good it is doing, already my skin is smoother but only when the treatment goes out of me.

J. S. Somerset

Thanks for the prompt reply, and your excellent service!

H. V. d'L. Holland

The package arrived this afternoon, so that went very fast.

W. K. Holland

Thanks for usual professional and prompt attention.

T. L. Lancashire

I have finally tried the Green Vibrance Powder and very, very impressed!!

A. R. London

I bought your Alkaline Jug Filter earlier this year and absolutely love it.

G. R. London

Green Vibrance Powder I feel is a miracle from God. I really had felt it working in the body; after just 2 weeks. I gained high energy, strength and stamina, and a stronger immunity from illnesses! It's a pure blessing, and I would wish for everyone to try it to enjoy and benefit from its immense blessings too.

F. A. London

Well, it's been 6 months plus since I bought one of your Alkalark bottles so I thought I would give you my views... thumbs up! I haven't had a day without it and although I can't give a very rigorous, scientific assessment I can honestly say I've not felt so well for a long time.

J. P. Bedford

We are drinking lots of alkaline water and are definitely feeling better for it.

P. S. Birmingham

I bought an alkalizing jug and pod from you within the last month and am so pleased with them and I'm all for spreading the word about increasing alkalized water intake. I have also passed your name on to quite a few friends, of which a few have already placed orders and receive jugs etc. Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with not only your products but how helpful your staff were.

C. D. Gloucester

I believe that my friend has partly cured his diabetes thanks to alkaline water. 
We have kept drinking the alkaline water for more than a year now and his diabetes is quite stable, between 5 and 7 even when he eats a bit too much sugar. I find his energy level has never been so good, so this is a success in our life.

C. G. Kent

Very many thanks again. I have recommended the Alkapod to my partner who lives in Scotland and who will be ordering shortly. I would highly recommend your company on customer service alone.

J. R. Nottingham

My family have been using the Biocera Alkaline Water Jug for over a month now – and I am most impressed. The service and delivery was excellent but, most surprising of all, was the water it produced. When I was small, our family lived in an old house in Highland Perthshire that had a groundwater spring in the back garden. The water was excellent, we used it for drinking, people came to fill bottles and in the winter it made the most beautiful icicles – it was obviously quite different to ordinary water. I thought I would probably never taste water like it again. But when I received the Biocera jug I was amazed. It is almost identical to our old spring water and, until now, nothing has come even close. Great taste and healthy – fantastic. So many thanks for an excellent product and I wish you continued success in the future.

G.P. Morayshire

Thank you so much. Loving the change to my skin with the water.

J. L. Liverpool

Just wanted to say, Roddy, that my alkaline attachment for my reverse osmosis system was fitted yesterday, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you so very much for your excellent advice on this, not to mention your super service.

R. E. Hampshire

 I really love what you're doing, you are so obviously completely passionate and caring about this and I really understand why.  Very glad that we discovered you.

L. H. Sussex

Hi, I got my jug , thank you. And the water tastes great. Definitely come back again.

N. B. London

Thanks again for my products. I normally take Green Vibrance but I am loving Maximum Vibrance! I keep reading the list of ingredients and am astounded by all that it does. I feel great. Also thanks for the water filters; I've been drinking alkaline water now for two years but have recently bought one for my sister and my mother and now they too are gaining the benefits. I love your site and recommend your products to those that are embarking on the journey back to vibrant health. Thanks so much for all your help.

C. M. Yorkshire

I have just read your latest Water for Health email and I think the information that you impart to customers is of the highest quality and integrity. I congratulate you over the years in providing excellent health products to keep us healthy in our toxic world.

J. S. Kent

I have had my McCoy System installed for 4 weeks now, I am impressed, So far I have not altered anything in what I eat etc.? To find out what difference the new water would make? These are my findings to date! I have cut down on the Gavescon by about 60%, I am not getting the stomach pain now, Elimination IE going to the toilet has really improved! It is more natural. My coffee tastes 100% better, my Pinhead Oatmeal which I steep overnight in only water tastes so much more wholesome, I used to get a very sore face and itching after shaving! So I stopped using anything afterwards, just rinsed my face straight from the McCoy tap! What a difference.

I am pleased with my purchase and the help and support I got from yourself and Ed when I called on the day of installation, which I did myself, I have been in sales most of my life and I liked the fact that nobody tried to sell up to me! More the other way, very refreshing indeed.

I am hoping that I can eventually use even less of the Gavescon as time goes by.

B. C. Highlands