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Theralac is a unique, high-strength probiotic. Formulated to help restore digestive regularity, improve nutrient absorption and enhance immunity, Theralac uses new patent-protected technology to deliver a product that is able to survive harsh stomach acid conditions and colonise the bowel with good microbes.

In recent years, we've heard many good things about probiotics. There was the University of Colorado Boulder study which showed their ability to improve sleeping patterns and combat stress; the Finnish study underscoring their effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of birch pollen allergy; and the 2017 University of Florida study which showed they could lessen the impact of hay fever.

What Makes Theralac Special?

Unlike most probiotic supplements, Theralac is guaranteed to deliver 5 different strains of live Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics deep into the intestinal tract. These clinically-proven strains work to encourage the exclusion of undesirable microorganisms and also the modulation of immune and digestive systems.

The probiotic strains supplied by Theralac do not fight each other, but rather work in synergy to colonise the interior surfaces of your small intestine. Furthermore, the probiotic microorganisms (all five strains) are sticky, able to colonise human HT-29 and Caco-2 cells in vitro, giving them a competitive advantage over less sticky microorganisms.

3rd party tests verify that Theralac is guaranteed to provide at least 30 billion CFU of beneficial probiotic microorganisms per capsule until expiry and, thanks to its patent-protected alginate delivery capsule, these microorganisms are guaranteed to arrive alive and functioning at optimum strength. 

Patented Acid-Proof Delivery

The harsh acidity of your stomach can (and will) denature most probiotic supplements before they can reach the intestinal tract. However, Theralac’s patent-protected acid-proof delivery technology utilises sodium alginate from seaweed in a unique formulation that assures survival at pH 1.6 for 90 minutes – the most severe stomach acid conditions normally experienced. 

Theralac's unique delivery method can also help assure colonisation by keeping probiotic cells together in a viscous alginate-gel moving in group-force, not as separate individual cells like other probiotics, deep into the intestinal tract while retaining key formula ingredients in close proximity.

Unique Prebiotic Stimulants

It’s not good enough to simply deliver probiotic cells alive and deep into the intestinal tract: they must also be awakened with a special prebiotic nutrient in order to begin growth and encourage colonisation. Unlike other prebiotics that utilise soluble fibres such as FOS and Inulin, and require 3-8 grams per dose to be effective, Theralac uses a special nutrient called Lactostim to achieve this.

Lactostim is made by combining two natural substances – sunflower lecithin and oleic acid. Because it is effective in milligram (mg) quantities, it can fit along with the probiotics in a single capsule, where it works to stimulate all five probiotic strains once they reach the intestinal tract.

Theralac is also available in powdered form, which is ideal for those who dislike swallowing capsules. Granular Theralac is identical to Theralac, minus the presence of an alginate delivery capsule. Instead, granular Theralac uses an acid-proof gel matrix to deliver over 30 billion CFU of probiotics deep into the gastrointestinal tract, without the interference of stomach acid. This gel matrix forms around the product when it is folded gently into semi-solid food like yoghurt or apple sauce.

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Theralac - 30 Caps

Theralac - 30 Caps

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Granular Theralac - 30g

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Most probiotic supplements will give you a guaranteed probiotics count on the date of manufacture, which means they can arrive with a significantly lower total probiotic count. Theralac's probiotic count, on the other hand, is guaranteed until the date of expiry, which means that you'll definitely receive the full probiotic content.

Theralac is guaranteed to provide at least 30 billion CFU until expiry, but it’s actually formulated at between 40 and 50 billion CFU of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics per capsule.

In the gut, these colony-forming units are activated by patented prebiotic stimulants and begin immediately colonising the entirety of the G.I. tract.

The Lactobacillus or “Lacto” strains are most active in the small intestine, particularly in the lower section called the ileum, and are understood to adhere to the soft surfaces here to help promote a healthy surface. The Bifidobacterium or “Bifido” strains are most active in the colon, and work to promote healthy structure and function.

Together, all five of the different Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains in Theralac provide almost universal coverage, the end result of which is improved regularity, the exclusion of undesirable microorganisms, the enhancement of your immune system, and also an enhanced ability to absorb nutrients and minerals from your diet.

A Note on Probiotic Rotation

Theralac works very well on its own, and has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be highly beneficial even without support from other probiotic supplements. The probiotics in Theralac, however, DO benefit from the addition of an enzyme supplement, and also lend themselves well to combination with TruFlora – a probiotic supplement that focuses on colonising intestinal contents instead of lining.

In conjunction with TruFlora, Theralac can help to promote intestinal biodiversity, and also encourage the development of a fully colonised (and therefore healthy) gastrointestinal tract. 

Antibiotics Should Also Mean Probiotics...

...and the best probiotic supplement for this cause is Theralac. Most people are very familiar with antibiotics and their intended goal – to kill harmful bacteria that cause us to be sick. However, the big issue here is that antibiotics also kill the beneficial bacteria that live in our digestive tract, which can cause other problems such as diarrhoea or lowered intestinal immunity.

Theralac capsules are supplied in totally inert packaging designed to prevent the ingress of oxygen and moisture. Each glass bottle contains 30 capsules, enough for a two months’ supply.

Each capsule of Theralac contains 5 different strains of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium probiotics, alongside Microcrystalline cellulose, sodium alginate, hydoxpropyl methyl cellulose (capsule shell). Tri-sodium phosphate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, ascorbic acid and LactoStim (sunflower lecithin + oleic acid.

Theralac does not contain any milk, gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, casein, nuts, seafood or beef products.

Each batch of Theralac is laboratory tested to meet strict quality control standards, and is guaranteed to provide 30 billion CFU per capsule, until the date of expiration.

For best results, take one capsule of Theralac daily for two weeks. Thereafter, take one capsule every three days to maintain digestive care.

Theralac can be taken with antibiotics - it is important to allow at least 3 hours separation though.

Fold (do not MIX) 1/4 tsp of Granular Theralac into apple sauce or another soft food. Wait one minute before serving. Repeat daily for two weeks, then twice a week after that. When taking Granular Theralac with antibiotics, allow at least 3 hours in between.

Theralac label

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are able to colonise the intestinal tract and help promote healthy structure and function; Lactobacillus Acidophilus is an example of a well-known probiotic. Probiotics can be taken in low doses to assist in regularity, elimination, nutrient absorption or to help boost the immune system. Probiotics may be effective in higher doses for more serious conditions but we recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional to see what is best for you. Theralac is extremely powerful and everyone's digestive system is different, so it is important to use this product as it best fits your specific needs.

Is Theralac the same as Acidophilus?

Yes, but much more... Theralac capsules contain 10 billion CFU of Lactobacillus Acidophilus (LA-1 strain), a well-documented, bile-tolerant strain with a long history of use in human dietary supplements. This makes Theralac five times stronger in "Acidophilus" than most probiotic products. Additionally, Theralac contains 20 billion CFU of four symbiotic probiotics that go beyond the capability of Acidophilus: These are select strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species that are backed by over 100 scientific studies. Only Theralac contains this blend of research-proven probiotic strains. 

What is a CFU and why do I need so many?

CFU stands for Colony Forming Unit. It's the number of bacterial colonies that form on a Petri dish and indicates a product's viability or strength. Your intestinal tract contains over 100 trillion microorganisms from many different species, mostly bacteria. Only high-potency probiotic products (those containing 10 billion CFU/capsule or more) can reliably re-establish the probiotic population within this huge number.

Is a probiotic deficiency common?

Quite common! Many lifestyle factors favour undesirable microorganisms over probiotics in your intestinal tract: stress, poor diet (sugar and fat), alcohol, prescription drugs, travel, frequent colds or infections, and aging are the main ones. It's almost uncommon for a modern person not to have a probiotic deficiency, to some degree.

What are the symptoms of a probiotic deficiency?

Symptoms vary from person to person but may include one or more of the following: constipation or diarrhea, indigestion, incomplete digestion, heartburn, excess gas and bloating, lactose intolerance, weak immune response (frequent colds and infections), fatigue, low energy, muscle weakness and food allergies. Obviously you cannot be at peak health if you have a probiotic deficiency!

Do I need to take Theralac every day to correct a probiotic deficiency?

No. Theralac's advanced, high-potency formulation allows you to take two capsules per week once your intestinal tract's microflora has been balanced (this occurs for most people after taking Theralac daily for two weeks). The ability to take a probiotic just twice a week provides convenience and cost savings. On the maintenance dose, a bottle of Theralac can last up to 4 months and cost less than £2.50 a week!

NOTE: Taking Theralac daily for two weeks provides 560 billion CFU to your intestinal tract, a highly effective dose by probiotic standards. Once this dose colonises the intestinal tract, it can be maintained by taking two capsules (80 billion CFU) per week.

What is a prebiotic?

A food-grade substance that benefits probiotic bacteria by some specific mechanism.

How do Theralac's prebiotics work?

Theralac contains two prebiotics that are effective at low dosages; LactoStim (patented) and Sodium Alginate. LactoStim is a food-grade emulsifier that stimulates the growth and reproduction of Theralac's probiotic bacteria (patented). Unlike FOS and other prebiotics, LactoStim works in mg quantities!

Are there other prebiotics that benefit Theralac's probiotics?

Yes. A soluble fibre like PHGG (Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum) or inulin is beneficial. Fibre-digesting enzymes will also release soluble fibre (like FOS) from the diet.

Will foods rich in FOS also benefit Theralac's probiotics?

Yes. FOS, or fructooligosaccharides, are prebiotics that you can get by eating certain foods, and are required in larger quantities compared LactoStim. FOS can cause gas in some individuals when taken as an isolated prebiotic. When taken in food, the unidentified nutrient factors help reduce the gas issue. For the best prebiotic, take TruFiber.

The following foods contain a unique source of soluble fibre (FOS) that stimulates probiotic bacteria. Eat some when you take Theralac!







Rye Bread


Brown Sugar












So, how does Theralac work in my intestinal tract?

The probiotic bacteria in Theralac attach to the soft lining (wall) of your intestinal tract and help keep it healthy. The Lactobacillus ("Lacto") strains are most active in the small intestine while the Bifidobacterium ("Bifido") strains work best in the large intestine (colon). A healthy intestinal wall encourages optimum absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, and supports healthy digestion and elimination. Theralac also benefits your immune system.

How does Theralac benefit my immune system?

Theralac's five probiotic strains work together (in symbiosis) to stimulate the mucosal immune system on the intestinal surface which then sends activation signals to the body's systemic immune system. Because Theralac's strains are beneficial, this action is gentle and modulated. The immune system is put on "yellow alert" so to speak, ready to act quickly when pathogenic microorganisms appear.

What is the most common effect I will experience when taking Theralac?

Improved elimination and regularity. Softer and more predictable bowel movements followed by more energy and intestinal comfort.

Is it best to take Theralac with food or on an empty stomach?

Either way works well due to Theralac's acid-proof formulation. Take Theralac with water, fruit juice or milk.

How does Theralac's acid-proof formula compare to enteric coated probiotics?

Much better and safer! Most enteric coated probiotics are treated with a polymer of acrylic acid, a synthetic chemical. The Sodium Alginate used to acid-proof Theralac capsules is a natural carbohydrate found in kelp (patented). NOTE: Studies show that > 99% of unprotected probiotics are killed when exposed to stomach acid for 1 hour, the typical time spent in the stomach.

Can I use Theralac when taking antibiotics?

Yes. Take the antibiotic at the prescribed time followed by Theralac 2-3 hours later. Continue taking Theralac daily for at least two weeks after finishing the antibiotics.

How many Theralac capsules should I take when travelling?

Take at least one per day. When travelling to developing countries take two per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Intestinal problems are easier to prevent than treat, so start taking Theralac daily one week before you leave.

It says on the Theralac bottle "Best if Refrigerated"; how stable is Theralac at room temperature when travelling?

Theralac can be held at room temperature (65°-75° F) for up to 30 days without loss in viability. Keep the bottle tightly closed and out of direct sunlight.

Can Theralac reduce lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance results from a lack of the enzyme lactase in the small intestine. All five of Theralac's probiotic strains produce lactase and may reduce the severity of lactose intolerance.

Can Theralac improve vitamin and mineral absorption?

Vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the small intestine. The health and integrity of the intestinal soft lining (wall or mucosa) affects the absorption of all nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Theralac may help improve vitamin and mineral absorption by maintaining a healthy soft lining. In addition, mineral absorption – especially calcium and magnesium – is improved by a slightly acid pH at the mucosal surface. The probiotic strains in Theralac produce lactic and acetic acids which lower pH (acidify); if this occurs on the surface of the soft lining, it may enhance Ca and Mg absorption.

Can I overdose on Theralac?

What would be the effect? Probiotic bacteria, including those in Theralac, have been used in dosages of one trillion CFU/day or more without harmful effects. At very high dosages probiotics may cause diarrhea in some people which can be eliminated by reducing the dose. Sometimes when high-potency probiotics are used for the first time a short period of discomfort results while the intestinal tract's microflora is being rebalanced. This is called the Herxheimer Reaction.

Can you explain the Herxheimer Reaction in more detail?

The Herxheimer Reaction is a period of discomfort that sometimes results when harmful microorganisms are rapidly killed off in the intestinal tract and their toxic byproducts accumulate prior to elimination. When the intestinal tract is severely out of balance (has low numbers of probiotic bacteria) and one takes a high-potency probiotic, it may cause a sudden die-off of harmful bacteria (or yeast) followed by detoxification symptoms such as bloating, cramping, gas or headaches. Usually these symptoms abate in a short time as the probiotics gain control and the harmful microorganisms are eliminated. If this happens, stay the course with the probiotic or lessen the dose slightly. If severe or persistent symptoms occur, see your doctor.

Why are Theralac capsules made of cellulose (Vegicaps) instead of gelatin?

Gelatin is derived from beef byproducts and is not acceptable to vegetarians. Some non-vegetarians object to beef byproducts for other reasons. Vegicaps are made from materials of plant origin. Theralac does not contain any milk, yeast, eggs, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, casein, nuts, seafood or beef products.

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