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Water Filters

In our view, good healthy water has a number of important characteristics. Not only should it be alkaline, properly structured and have antioxidant properties, but it should – as far as practically possible – be free of contaminants. We believe it is vital to have water with good ‘life’ energy.

We offer a specially designed undersink system to help meet these criteria. Now you can obtain healthy, hydrogen-rich water straight from your tap for all your hot and cold drinks, for cooking and for washing fruit and vegetables.

You can find details on the Energy Plus Water Filter system below. It combines different types of unique filter media with bioceramic minerals. The Energy Plus was tested by the University of Edinburgh, who confirmed its effectiveness in removing contaminants, increasing mineral levels and elevating water pH.

“Peak performance and optimal health depend on the body’s ability to maintain a slightly alkaline state in virtually all of our cells and tissues. Drinking four to six glasses a day of alkaline water will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore buffering ability.”

 - Dr Susan Lark, author of The Chemistry of Success -


Not only is it important to drink clean, healthy alkaline water, but the water you shower in should also be healthy. After all, contaminants can readily pass through the skin into the body.

With this in mind, we supply an easy-to-use dechlorinating shower head from our Korean partners Biocera. Although its primary function is to remove chlorine, its special bioceramic media also help to energise the water.

To learn more about our portable and undersink water filtration systems, or to investigate our purifying shower filters, select one of the products from the list below.

  • Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter

    This is the simplest, most cost-effective way of getting alkaline antioxidant water. Distinct from regular jug filters, the Biocera Jug transforms ordinary tap or bottled water into alkaline water which is rich in hydrogen. Expensive electronic water ionisers are no longer necessary to obtain alkaline water. The Biocera Alkaline Jug has been very popular since we introduced it to the UK in 2009.

  •  Biocera Fruit Vita Shower Filter1

    Whether you wish to eliminate the odour of chlorine, protect skin from chlorine absorption or just make your shower experience that bit more pleasant, the Biocera Fruit Vita Dechlorinating Vitamin C Shower Filter is a great option. Robust and easy to fit, the cherry-scented replaceable cartridge contains antibacterial bioceramic balls and vitamin C to make your daily shower healthier.

  • Energy Plus Water Filter

    A great choice if you're looking for high levels of water purification (including removal of fluoride) combined with the benefits of alkaline ionized water. The Energy Plus is a unique approach to enhancing the quality of drinking water. It combines high levels of contaminant removal with the benefits of advanced bioceramic minerals to give you filtered alkaline water with antioxidant properties.

  • Dechlorinating Shower Head Filters

    The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your shower water, in addition to energising the water. Chlorine is added to the water supply to kill pathogens, but ingesting chlorine is not good for us in any shape or form. In fact, inhaling or absorbing chlorine is thought to lead to all sorts of problems. This dechlorinating shower head is stylish, robust and functional.

  • Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge

    The Biocera alkaline antioxidant filter cartridge is an inline cartridge which alters the properties of filtered water. While water run through reverse osmosis or carbon filtration systems helps purify water, they have the negative effect of leaving the water mildly acidic; the Biocera inline filter, however, alkalises water and stimulates the release of molecular hydrogen.

  • McCoy Water Filtration System

    The McCoy Water Filtration System fits easily under the sink. The compact water alkalizer gives you unfettered access to clean, crisp, purified alkaline antioxidant water, which is being increasingly recognised for its positive effects. The filter uses natural bioceramic minerals to remove particulate, chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants before alkalizing and restructuring the water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter System

    The five-stage reverse osmosis filter system offers an unprecedentedly high level of contaminant filtration, and can be relied on to remove the overwhelming majority of dissolved compounds from your drinking water. Thanks to the addition of a unique alkalising filter cartridge, the reverse osmosis system can also re-mineralize and alkalize your water - giving it a high pH and a number of beneficial properties.

  • pH Test Colour Reagent

    Unlike our pH Test Strips, this handy Colourmetric Reagent has been specifically designed to test the pH of water. It can therefore be used to help measure the acidity of tap water, or the alkalinity of water produced by an alkaline water filter. By using this Water pH Test Kit, you can ensure optimum pH balance and verify that your alkaline water filter is functioning correctly.