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Where Quality Hydration and Nutrition Leads to Better Health.

Hydration and Nutrition are fundamentally important if you are to enjoy high levels of wellbeing. At Water for Health we are passionate about natural approaches to health particularly focused around hydration, proper body pH balance and quality nutrition.

Since we understand the benefits that hydration and nutrition can bring to maintain or regain health we have sourced a quality range of products from all over the world to enhance the wellbeing of our clients. We are exclusive distributors for all our product ranges either for the UK or for Europe, working with suppliers who share our vision to promote optimal health naturally.

Important though quality products are we like to underpin our range with a service that is personal and caring. When you call us you are not speaking to a call centre, you are speaking with people who endeavour to be helpful, caring and knowledgeable. Although ill health is common it is not normal, and in our view not the way it needs to be. We want to encourage everyone to make informed choices that will enhance wellbeing. We hate to see people suffering pain and debility for problems which could be improved through better hydration and dietary choices.

Products to make a Difference, from Suppliers who Care.

Hydration is of paramount concern to us. We believe that good healthy water is vitally important if you are to enjoy the level of health you deserve. We take most of our inspiration from work carried out in the Far East over the last few decades. This has led to our water product lines, primarily from our Korean partners Biocera. They are amongst the leaders in advanced bioceramic technology for water purification and enhancement, using natural crystal and mineral combinations. Biocera share a similar vision to Water for Health in that they want to make a positive difference to those who interact with their products.

In addition to the one of the foremost range of water improving products in Europe we offer an ever increasing range of food supplements, all chosen because we see value in them. The primary focus is on dense plant based nutrition and we supply Vibrant Health’s range, including leading products such as Green Vibrance Powder and Maximum Vibrance.

We are aware of the vitally important role of healthy oils in health. We are happy to offer the best of the best, plant based oils from Omega Nutrition and fish oils from WHC. Omega Nutrition have been manufacturing organic flaxseed oil in Canada for nearly 30 years, with attention to detail and product processing. Their range has been extending to several other oils and nutrition packed foods. WHC are award winning manufacturers of fish oils and other healthy oil combinations. Their focus is on improving health inwardly and beauty outwardly. At Water for Health we like the inside out approach.

Helping YOU on your Journey to Wellness.

In addition to these leading suppliers we offer a range of other nutritional products to help to support nutritional health, promote optimal body pH balance, improve detoxification and reduce the impact of oxidative stress. You can access our product range from the menu on the left. If what we offer is in tune with your aspirations for your health, have a look around, feel free to call us and hopefully we can help you on your health seeking journey.

We support Vitamin Angels, because we Care.

We support Vitamin Angels an international charity that promotes vitamin supplementation for children and expectant mothers in underdeveloped countries so that children can have a better start in life, than they might otherwise have had. Every order placed with us goes to help make a difference.

Water for Health partners with leading suppliers of specialist water products and food supplement manufacturers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our product range has been developed focusing on proper hydration, detoxification and optimal body pH balance, aspects of natural health which we consider to be vitally important. 

  • Biocera - Alkaline Water Products including the very popular Alkaline Jug Filter and the AHA water bottle. Biocera are market leaders of advanced bioceramics for water treatment.
  • Cosan - Manufacturers of specialist water products including the WaveQ vortex water energiser.
  • Vibrant Health - Suppliers of quality plant based nutrition particularly green superfoods, and dietary supplements including the award winning Green Vibrance Powder and the nutrient dense 'futurefood'  Maximum Vibrance.
  • WHC Nutrogenics - An exceptionally high quality range of fish oil products and skin nutraceuticals to support the health of the heart, brain, vision and skin. The range includes the award winning UnoCardio 1000, O'Hisa and Active Mind.
  • Omega Nutrition - The Original Flax Seed Oil Company – offering a wide range of quality organic oils and specialist supplements. Their range includes Flax Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, MCT oil and Pumpkin Seed Protein.
  • Master Supplements - High-strength probiotics, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes including the breakthrough probiotic Theralac.
  • Coral LLC - An innovative company that provides readily absorbable minerals based on coral, including Coral Complex Powder. Thie range also includes the new Cell Energy H2, which releases molecular hydrogen into the body.
  • pHresh Products - Suppliers of a nutrient dense raw greens product, pHresh greens.
  • Mondial Uberti - Manufacturers of fortified apple cider vinegar products and nutrient dense foods.
  • The Herborist - Manufacturers of special plant based nutritional products including organic Instant Basica Tea.
  • Planet Source - Suppliers of an advanced glutathione supplement for enhanced absorption.
  • Harmonics Innerprizes - Manufacturers of specialist nutrient products and in particular Nascent Iodine.
  • Foodtopia - Suppliers of Chlorella and Spirulina, with the emphasis on clean nutrition.
  • Sufficent C - Manufacturers of a special enhanced, concentrated Vitamin C supplement. 
  • Juara - Manufacturers of liquid chlorophyll from alphalpha grass.
  • Revitacell - Our own brand of quality products and supplements including Alkamax , Fulvic Restore and Liquid Zeolite.

In addition to the the information on our product pages we endeavour to share health information through scienitific article and different health tips through our blog and through social media.