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Oxidative stress is a normal part of everyday living. However, accelerated aging is understood to be caused by inadequate antioxidants in our diets. Consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables supplies the body with these much-needed antioxidants.

Although diet plays a key role, there are times when we need to support the body with additional antioxidants. We stock several innovative antioxidant products including a form of glutathione that is much better metabolised by the body, a fulvic acid formula which is one of nature's most potent antioxidants, and molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant that is creating plenty of buzz in research circles. In addition, we have several plant-based antioxidants. Have a browse to find the best product for you.

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  • Fulvic Restore

    Fulvic Restore is a concentrated fulvic acid supplement that has been extracted from ancient plant minerals by a special water-only process. Containing high levels of fulvic acid in addition to trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and trace elements, it is very likely the most concentrated natural fulvic acid supplement on the market and is perfect for boosting nutrient absorption.

  • Cellular DTX

    Cellular DTX is a powerful natural cellular support supplement by Greens Best. Formulated by medical doctors, it integrates several powerful ingredients to help the body achieve optimum cellular health. These include turmeric root (95% curcuminoids), green tea and astragalus. Cellular DTX is the ideal product if you are looking to nourish the millions of cells in the body.

  • WHC Ubiqor

    Ubiqor is an advanced coenzyme Q10 supplement manufactured by fish oil specialist WHC. Although it is naturally present in our bodies, coenzyme Q10 levels fall as we age. WHC's Ubiquor supplies the most biologically active form – ubiquinol – to keep your levels high. Ubiquinol is identical to the coenzyme Q10 produced within the body and helps to support heart and cellular health.

  • Glutathione

    S-Acetyl Glutathione crosses the cell membrane more easily than glutathione itself. Glutathione is your body's primary antioxidant for limiting cell and mitochondrial damage from free radicals. It is known to be absorbed easily and to cross the blood brain barrier, providing detoxification, protection and heavy metal chelation in the brain at levels other forms of glutathione may not provide.

  • Coral CellEnergy H2 Molecular Hydrogen

    Research is showing the huge potential benefits of molecular hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant, with positive benefits for many body systems since molecular hydrogen can reach all parts of the body due to it's small molecular size. Now we have a unique capsule product which combines Molecular Hydrogen (H2) with coral to slowly release molecular hydrogen into the body.

  • Rainbow Vibrance

    Rainbow Vibrance has been specially developed by Vibrant Health to provide exceptionally high levels of antioxidants. The supplement, which utilises 36 fruits and vegetables, supplies the body with the trace minerals required to reach optimum health. Simply add to water, juice or a protein drink to enhance its nutritional value and reap the benefits of this high-quality formulation. 

  • Super Natural C

    Super Natural C is a highly effective dietary supplement for those wishing to up their intake of vitamin C. Derived entirely from plant sources, including sustainable, hand-harvested Amazonian camu-camu fruit, it provides a rich source of polyphenols, known to be among nature’s most potent antioxidants. The vegan-friendly Super Natural C is a healthy alternative to synthetic vitamin supplements.

  • DMG-Gold

    DMG-Gold helps aid mental and physical health by supporting the function of both the nervous system and the immune system. It also performs an important antioxidant function by offering protection from harmful free radicals. The spagyric supplement is a combination of powerful nutraceuticals including dimethylglycine, trimethylglycine, B-vitamins and essential oil of sweet orange.