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benefits of pumpkin seeds

The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a highly nutritious superfood, rich in many of the essential minerals needed to sustain your health and support your body’s delicate internal systems.

Historically, pumpkin seeds have long been valued for their ability to improve prostate health, but their readily bio-available vitamin and mineral content makes them valuable for far more than just that.

Numerous studies published by Food Research International show that the health benefits of pumpkin seeds are incredibly varied, and it is widely understood that adding these powerfully nutritious seeds to your diet can help you to:
  • by supplying your body with healthy and essential fatty acids, particularly omega 6 and omega 9.
  • Improve immunity and boost your ability to resist degenerative disease by supplying your body with a broad width of the antioxidant compounds needed to neutralize harmful oxygen free radicals in your system.
  • Promote restful sleep by supplying your body tryptophan – an essential component of the hormones your body uses to regulate sleeping patterns.
  • Nourish your muscular-skeletal system, by providing a number of the essential minerals needed to build healthy bones, and by supplying you with high levels of bio-available plant protein.
  • Provide relief from inflammation-based pain by supplying your body with plant-based phytosterols, which can combat swelling at a cellular level.
  • Support prostate healthy by providing your body with zinc – an important alkaline mineral that’s been shown to help regulate benign prostatic hyperplasia and other prostate-related health issues.

According to an article published by the British Biological Research Association, pumpkin seeds can also help to relieve the symptoms of menopause by supplying the body with natural phytoestrogens and by promoting the expression of beneficial HDL cholesterol, which can help to reduce blood pressure, and counteract the hot flashes, headaches and joint pains encountered by many menopausal women.

There are so many benefits to pumpkin seeds that they are now popular throughout the known world, and have become recognized as one of the healthiest sources of plant-based protein and essential minerals available.

Interestingly enough though, the benefits of pumpkin seeds are not something that’s recently been discovered – archaeological evidence suggests that the pumpkin seed was first recognized as a highly nutritious food source as early as 1300 AD, by ancient Aztecs who used them in many baking preparations, and even ate them as a healthy snack.

What Makes Pumpkin Seeds so Healthy?

In part, many of the benefits of pumpkin seeds are related to the fact that these healthy and highly nutritious seeds contain very large amounts of zinc (almost 7.6mg per 100g).

Zinc is an essential alkaline mineral that’s absolutely vital to the proper maintenance of our health. It helps to regulate the enzymatic reactions that control your heart function and blood pressure, promotes proper acid alkaline balance and even controls the osmotic pressure in your cells as well as helping to combat swelling and reduce inflammatory pressure, which is what lends pumpkin seeds the ability to promote proper prostate health.

The many benefits of pumpkin seeds are not just related to the presence of zinc though – pumpkin seeds also contain a broad width of other essential vitamins and minerals that play an equally important part in promoting the stability of your internal systems.

These nutrients include:

  • Manganese (4.5mg per 100g)
  • Tryptophan (0.5g per 100g)
  • Magnesium (0.6g per 100g)
  • Phosphorus (1.2g per 100g)
  • Zinc (7.5mg per 100g)
  • Copper (1.3mg per 100g)
  • Protein (28.7g per 100g)
  • Iron (8.8mg per 100g)

All of which are very beneficial, and very useful in helping to support your body’s good health – particularly if you are lead an active lifestyle, or are coping with a health condition of some kind.

How Can I Incorporate Pumpkin Seeds Into My Diet?

If you’re looking to capitalize on the many benefits of pumpkin seeds, you’ll be pleased to learn that they are highly versatile, and can easily be introduced to your diet in a number of different ways.

You can, of course, eat the raw seeds as a snack, or add them to any salad dressing to significantly improve the nutrient content.

There are a number of other ways to incorporate pumpkin seeds in your diet though, including:

  • The addition of Pumpkin Seed Butter - a wholly organic health food that can be spread on toast, or used in place of butter when preparing cakes and other home baking preparations. Like pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed butter is a fantastic way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake, and it’s also a great tasting source of omega 6 and 9 EFAs.
  • The addition of Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, which is a very nutritious dietary supplement made using organic pumpkin seeds. This unique protein powder is made using defatted pumpkin seeds, and is a fantastic way of providing your body with readily bio-available plant proteins that are both perfect for the maintenance of your cells, and ideal for the development of sustainable muscle mass.

Pumpkin Seeds as Part of an Alkaline Diet

Pumpkin seeds are most valuable when taken as part of an alkaline diet, where they can contribute to the rebalancing of your body’s pH levels while also supplying you with many of the trace elements needed to sustain your health, and boost your body’s internal functions.

Taking pumpkin seeds while on an alkaline diet will also help to maximize nutrient absorption, and ensure that your body can properly metabolize all the essential vitamins and minerals that these highly nutritious seeds contain.

If you’re interested in learning about adopting an alkaline diet, and you’d like to know more about the importance of proper nutrition in maintaining your health, why not download our free eBook using the sign up form below?

We have compiled this eBook to give our clients and friends all the information they need to begin moving their bodies back towards a more sustainable, healthy way of life. After all, we want everyone to enjoy good health, and genuinely believe that following a few simple steps towards proper alkaline balance can help anyone to boost their energy levels, and maintain their sense of wellbeing.