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Oxygen Products

Oxygen Products

Oxygen is vital for our very existence. Every part of our body needs oxygen to function properly.  We are proud to supply products from market leaders Oxigenesis including their flagship product Activated Stabilized Oxygen ASO®- a proprietary liquid oxygen product that helps provide your body with an oxygen boost. 
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ASO® Activated Stabilised OxygenASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen

ASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen

Regular price £42.75
  • Boosts oxygen levels
  • pH balanced
  • 100% natural
Oxysaline™ - Oxygen-Infused Nasal Spray

Oxysaline™ - Oxygen-Infused Nasal Spray

Regular price £19.75
  • 100% Bioaccessible
  • Organic & Vegan
  • Easy on Gastric System
Living Minerals™ - SilicaLiving Minerals™ - Silica

Living Minerals™ - Silica

Regular price £29.75
  • Pure Silica Supplement
  • No preservatives or additives
  • 32 day supply


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