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Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health are a US based company with an excellent track record of supplying quality plant based nutritional products, which have been clinically formulated to support wellbeing naturally. 

They are best known for their green superfood products, Green Vibrance Powder and Maximum Vibrance. 

Green Vibrance powder has received more awards than any other ‘green food powder’. It is a comprehensive formula of over 70 ingredients to support digestive, cardio vascular, immune and skeletal heath.   Maximum Vibrance is one of the most nutrient dense products available with 120 ingredients supplying the body with all known nutrient requirements of the body except Omega 3. A daily serving includes a high vegetable protein content making it ideal as a healthy snack or meal replacement. 

In addition to the 2 greens powder flagship products Vibrant Health also supply a number of other nutrient products particularly  to support immunity and joint health.  

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Green Vibrance - Greens PowderGreen Vibrance - Greens Powder
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Green Vibrance - Greens Powder

Regular price £38.75
  • 2730 mg of plant based micronutrition
  • Vegan friendly - non GMO - Gluten free
  • 14 antioxidants
Maximum Vibrance - Nutrition PowderMaximum Vibrance - Nutrition Powder
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Maximum Vibrance - Nutrition Powder

Regular price £65.75
  • Greens + 20g plant protein
  • Over 120 ingredients
  • High vitamin & mineral content
Spectrum Vibrance - Super Greens and Fruit PowderSpectrum Vibrance - Super Greens and Fruit Powder

Spectrum Vibrance - Super Greens and Fruit Powder

Regular price £42.75
  • Antioxidant superfood blend
  • 36 nutritious ingredients
  • No sweeteners or preservatives
Red Marine Algae CapsulesRed Marine Algae Capsules

Red Marine Algae Capsules

Regular price £35.75
  • 500mg Gigartina skottsbergii
  • 70% sulfated polysaccharides
  • Free from soy, gluten and GMO
Gigartina Red Marine Algae OintmentGigartina Red Marine Algae Ointment

Gigartina Red Marine Algae Ointment

Regular price £22.75
Joint Vibrance Powder - Joint ComplexJoint Vibrance Powder - Joint Complex

Joint Vibrance Powder - Joint Complex

Regular price £62.75
  • 10,600mg Collagen
  • Chondroitin, Glucosamine & MSM
  • 21 servings
Immune Defense CapsulesImmune Defense Capsules

Immune Defense Capsules

Regular price £29.75
  • Natural immune support
  • High in Immunoglobulins
  • 60 servings
Vibrant Health Vitamin C CapsulesVibrant Health Vitamin C Capsules

Vibrant Health Vitamin C Capsules

Regular price £21.75
  • Plant-sourced vitamin C
  • No synthetic ascorbic acid
  • 30 servings
U.T. Vibrance - D Mannose PowderU.T. Vibrance - D Mannose Powder

U.T. Vibrance - D Mannose Powder

Regular price £29.75
  • 5,000mg of D Manoose per serving
  • Plant-based crisis intervention
  • For E. coli urinary tract infections


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