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Distributor Opportunity

  • Are you interested in helping people attain better health and higher levels of energy?
  • Do the innovative products we supply complement the health products you are promoting either on or off line?
  • Would you like to be involved in distributing products that have potential to make a huge difference to people's health?
  • Do you have a health shop or other suitable retail outlet where you would like to promote some of these products?

To help us bring the benefits of optimum pH balance, good hydration and high levels of energy to as many people as possible we are interested in working with a number of motivated distributors who see the potential of these new products and are keen to make a positive difference to people's health. We are primarily interested in hearing from distributors throughout UK and Europe but would also welcome enquiries from potential distributors in other countries.

This opportunity would be of interest to health practitioners looking for effective products to assist their clients and to distributors already selling complementary health products either on or offline.

Email us or give us a call for an informal chat.  +44 (0)1764 662111.


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