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pH Balance

We consider properly balanced body pH as being important for optimal health. Modern living in terms of diet, lifestyles and stress levels can have a very negative impact on body pH balance and our health. If the body pH deviates outside a narrow ideal range then it will result in lowered energy and poorer immunity. At Water for Health we understand that proper hydration, consumption of greens foods and minerals is important to help maintain pH balance with the benefits that brings. 

pH Balance


  • 100% raw greens blend
  • All organic ingredients
  • 57 servings
  • Mineral salt supplement
  • Formulated for alkaline balance
  • 50-day supply
  • 100% natural
  • From alfalfa leaves
  • Vegan-friendly
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  • pH balanced liquid oxygen
  • Over 50,000 ppm O2
  • Long shelf life
  • Highly Absorbable
  • 120 capsules - 2 month supply
  • Vegan & Non-GMO
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Progurt Chloride
From £41.46
  • Liquid mineral chloride
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Essential mineral concentrate
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  • Deep-ocean alkaline capsules
  • High ph (10.3)
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Measures pH of saliva and urine
  • Results within 10 seconds
  • 100 strips per pack
Green Vibrance
From £32.29
  • 2730 mg of plant based micronutrition
  • Vegan friendly - non GMO - Gluten free
  • 14 antioxidants

pH Balance

One area of health that is often overlooked is the importance of proper body pH balance. What we are referring to is the pH of blood and the tissues. Modern living is increasingly putting our body pH buffering systems under pressure, often leading to slight deviations of body pH towards acidity. This can negatively impact us in multiple ways and is often initially reflected in fatigue or poor immunity.

However, one of the damaging effects of prolonged deviation of pH towards acidity is the fact that this will make it more difficult for the body to detoxify, as excess acidity in body tissues results in toxin accumulation. The products in this section are great complements to a diet which seeks to limit acid-forming foods.

The majority of our products focus directly – or indirectly – on facilitating optimum body pH balance. In our view, maintaining alkalinity is vitally important if we are to enjoy high levels of energy and immunity. More and more of us are beginning to appreciate that good health depends greatly on our acid/alkaline balance, and we are passionate about continuing to spread the word.