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About Us

Professional Support

Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life.

The business was started by Roddy MacDonald, who has a keen interest in the therapeutic properties of water having worked on the industrial side of water treatment for a number of years. Because of his own personal health problems, he was keen to share strategies that he found to be highly effective. In particular, the realisation that body pH is critically important if good health is to be achieved.

Since we began trading, we have introduced many innovative health products whilst partnering with leading suppliers who share a similar ethos. Today we supply products to thousands of people across the UK and throughout Europe. We not only aspire to supply high-quality products, but endeavour to support this with a caring, client-focused approach.

Water for Health remains a family company, managed by Roddy MacDonald and his son Ed. We employ a small team of dedicated staff committed to furthering the vision of the business. Based in Perthshire, Central Scotland, we enjoy access to an excellent distribution network.

We hate to see people suffering from pain and debility in one form or another due to problems that good hydration and quality nutrition could solve. That’s why at Water for Health we’re committed to promoting better living through education.

Why We’re in Business

Why We Do What We Do

“I am well aware from personal experience of the pain, fatigue and general debility of poor health, and the limits it imposes on our freedom. I have also experienced a medical system that offered no answers. However, I have proven that good nutrition, proper hydration and a changed mindset can alter the picture completely. That is why I set up Water for Health: I wanted to reach people throughout the world who were struggling with their health, as I had been, and give them hope and tools to maintain or improve their wellbeing. Good health is within reach. Grasp it.”
Roddy MacDonald, Founder of Water for Health

Our Products

Hydration and Nutrition products are tools which help us achieve our health goals. We firmly believe it is important to work in harmony with the body to enhance wellness. That is why we carefully choose the products we offer, so they can add genuine value to people’s journey. We know that not all supplements are equal. As such, our focus is on sourcing quality products that we ourselves are happy with and believe in, from suppliers who share our desire to enhance wellbeing naturally.

We Care

We care about people: our clients, suppliers and those who work for us. We care about our reputation, and wish to make a positive contribution to people’s lives for the good of humanity. We love to help those who are willing to help themselves. We care about the environment and our impact on it. We also care about the disadvantaged, which is why we sponsor Vitamin Angels, a charity making a difference to children and expectant mothers by providing essential, indeed life-saving, vitamins. Join us and help make your world a healthier place.

Our Service

We endeavour to provide a personal service, since many clients still like to deal directly with real people. We do not use a call centre or fulfilment centre, other than with certain products sold via our Amazon store, since some customers prefer to shop that way. Phone calls and emails are answered by people who care about what they do. Not only do we endeavour to handle our clients’ orders carefully and quickly, but we strive to do so in a manner that underlines our sincerity and care.

We Believe

  • That the majority of conditions that people visit a doctor for are health challenges that could be greatly improved or solved by proper nutrition, hydration and better lifestyle choices
  • That good nutrition and proper hydration are vital if we are to achieve optimum health.
  • That our default state is optimum health.
  • That it is essential to give the body mineral-dense nutrition to enjoy good health.
  • That in many instances, the body speaks the mind. Most chronic health challenges are caused by deep-rooted challenges at emotional, psychological or spiritual levels.
  • That for peak health, root cause issues must be resolved.
  • That good health begins in the gut: optimising digestion is a must.
  • That modern living – high levels of stress, poor dietary choices and environmental pollution – contributes significantly to the plague of modern diseases.
  • That it is essential for everyone to take personal responsibility for their wellbeing. Personal responsibility is tremendously empowering.
  • That the body is immensely complex, but that good health is simple – it is primarily a result of making sensible daily choices.
  • That quality supplementation can play a powerful role in helping to fill gaps in our nutrition.
  • That good healthy water is not just about the absence of contaminants. In our view, good water should be as clean as possible but also slightly alkaline, with antioxidant properties, good structure and good energy, in order to fulfil the hydration needs of the body.
  • That water is the number one nutrient for the body, and minerals are the second most important.
  • That sugar, in its various forms, is one of the primary drivers of inflammation in the body.
  • That it is important to look after the environment, starting with our own bodies.
  • That by making good daily choices, it is possible to maintain high levels of energy, wellness and cognitive function into our senior years.
  • That the mind and positive emotions are hugely important in helping us maintain or regain our health.
  • That it is important to treat our fellow man with courtesy, compassion and kindness.
  • That there is no limit to what a person can achieve if they tap into the power that is within their reach.
  • That it is important to treat our customers in the way we like to be treated.