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Harmonic Concepts

Harmonic Concepts is a US company whose aim is to provide supplements that address today’s health concerns. Their innovative products include Pine Needle Extract Blend, developed to address the health consequences of the regular consumption of GMO food, and Monatrace Gold with powerful electromagnetic properties believed to enhance the energy fields of the mind and body.
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Pine Needle Extract Blend 59mlPine Needle Extract Blend 59ml

Pine Needle Extract Blend 59ml

Regular price £39.75
  • All organic ingredients
  • Significant levels of shikmic acid & suramin
  • Energetically harmonized
Monatrace Gold - Monatomic GoldMonatrace Gold - Monatomic Gold

Monatrace Gold - Monatomic Gold

Regular price £27.75
  • Natural Monatomic Minerals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30 capsules


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