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Progurt is the world’s most advanced and most potent probiotic supplement. Each super-strength probiotic sachet contains 1 trillion beneficial bacteria.

The colonisation of probiotics depends mainly on the conditions in the gut. To address this Progurt have also developed several ancillary gut health products to improve the gut environment.


  • World's strongest probiotic
  • Human-derived bacteria
  • Multiple synergistic strains
  • Vegetarian prebiotic
  • Contains three prebiotic fibres
  • Sweeten food or add to water
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Progurt Chloride
From £41.46
  • Liquid mineral chloride
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Essential mineral concentrate
  • Plant-derived proteolytic enzymes
  • Richly nourishing blend
  • 30 servings
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  • Deep-ocean alkaline capsules
  • High ph (10.3)
  • All-natural ingredients
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  • Glycoprotein supplement
  • Contains lactoferrin
  • Natural prebiotic
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  • Probiotic yogurt maker
  • Energy-efficient
  • 5-Year Factory Guarantee
  • Formulated for the human gut
  • Helps to rebalance microflora
  • Pro, Light & Family kits available