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ASO Sport™ RECOVER - Pre Workout Supplement

ASO Sport™ RECOVER - Pre Workout Supplement

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ASO Sport™ RECOVER is one of the best muscle recovery supplements available on the UK market. The key ingredient is ASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen, an all-natural liquid supplement containing one of the highest concentrations of bioavailable oxygen available. This is combined with plant derived trace minerals - magnesium, chromium and zinc restore electrolyte balance and support cellular repair

  • Pre Workout Supplement
  • Activated Stabilised Oxygen
  • Bioavailable Minerals
  • Target Muscle Soreness
  • Restore Electrolyte Balance

Manufactured in the USA by Oxigenesis

Oxigenesis, based in the US, have been at the forefront of developing products to enhance wellness and optimal  performance for the last 30 years.  Foundation to their product range is ASO®which aids wellness and peak performance at the cellular level.

Starting in 1996, Oxigenesis has conducted research on and the testing of ASO® both at universities as well as independent laboratories around the world to determine efficacy. You can find a list of the major tests and research here.

Oxigenesis have also written an artcile on Lactic Acid and Pain which is an interesting read!

The Role of Oxygen in Performance

Energy Production

The key to peak performance is maximum energy efficiency. The most efficient form of energy production-called aerobic metabolism-depends on a steady supply of oxygen to convert sugar into muscle energy.

Oxygen Deficit

During strenuous exercise, the lungs can’t supply enough O₂ to keep up with muscle demands, so the body reverts to a less efficient fuel system called anaerobic metabolism. This process triggers a buildup of lactic acid, resulting in muscle soreness and fatigue.

Peak Performance

ASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream so more energy can be produced to power muscles-extending aerobic metabolism, reducing lactic acid buildup, and maximizing performance.


ASO Sport™ RECOVER is a concentrated liquid dietary supplement providing fast, taste-free recovery power when added to bottled water. It is formulated with clinically tested ASO®, proven to improve lactate clearance in athletes, together with magnesium, chromium + zinc to restore electrolyte balance and support cellular repair. The minerals are plant-derived for superior nutritional assimilation.

On tough training days ASO Sport™ RECOVER is one of the best muscle recovery supplements there is!


ASO® (bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt), magnesium chloride, and plant-sourced liquid minerals, including: magnesium, zinc, and chromium.

Shake well before using. As a dietary supplement, take one capful (1 fl oz) before workouts, preferably on an empty stomach. Can be taken directly or added to distilled water. Avoid solution coming into contact with metal containers or utensils.


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