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New Products

We are constantly looking out for new products which can be of benefit to our customers
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Monatrace Gold - Monatomic GoldMonatrace Gold - Monatomic Gold

Monatrace Gold - Monatomic Gold

Regular price £27.75
  • Natural Monatomic Minerals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30 capsules
Energy Plus Jumbo Filter

Energy Plus Jumbo Filter

Regular price £425.75
  • Unique 2-stage water filter
  • Alkaline, hydrogen-rich water
  • Extensive filtration capability
HD-24 Whole Home Structuring Unit with Contamination Removal

HD-24 Whole Home Structuring Unit with Contamination Removal

Regular price £1,725.75
  • Revitalized water throughout the home

  • High level of Contamination removal

  • Chemical Free Softener

ASO® Activated Stabilised OxygenASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen

ASO® Activated Stabilised Oxygen

Regular price £42.75
  • Boosts oxygen levels
  • pH balanced
  • 100% natural
Revitacell Humic & Fulvic PowderRevitacell Humic & Fulvic Powder

Revitacell Humic & Fulvic Powder

Regular price £28.75
  • 30 single serving sachets
  • Humic & Fulvic Acids
  • Nutraceutical grade


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