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Oxygen supplements – do they work?

Do Oxygen Enhancement Supplements Really Work?

As we all know, oxygen is vital to life on Earth: energy production depends on the element, and without it, organisms would simply cease to exist. Thankfully life-giving oxygen is all around us, in the air we gratefully breathe each day. Unlike eating or drinking, oxygenation doesn’t even require a conscious effort on our part. But what about oxygen enhancement supplements, also known as stabilised oxygen supplements? Can they really increase energy levels, promote efficient waste elimination and help with immune health?

Why Do We Need Oxygen?

 Oxygen’s role in maintaining our health is self-evident, but how often do you ponder it? It’s all too easy to take oxygen for granted since, well, we don’t need to think about it: oxygenation occurs without us knowing anything about it. Often the only time you become aware of your own respiration is when you’re gasping for air after a bout of intense exercise.

Oxygen is central to metabolic function, circulation, digestion, detoxification, respiration and waste elimination. Hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body utilise oxygen in one way or another. Moreover, oxygen plays a pivotal role in the healthy functioning of the immune system, in that levels of oxygen can change the way immune cells behave. No surprise, therefore, that the impairment of oxidative processes is closely related to the development of numerous diseases.

According to Dr. W. Spencer Way, “Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce.”

In various forms, oxygen has been successfully used in healthcare for over a hundred years, and virtually every room in a modern hospital is equipped for oxygen administration.

Factors That Impact Our Oxygen Levels

There are many reasons why oxygen levels might be negatively impacted. For example, toxic stress in the body induced by the water we drink, the food we eat or even the air we breathe. While many of these toxins have no effect on oxygen, some deplete the amount of oxygen available to cells. This is doubly worrying, since oxygen itself is required to rid the body of these harmful unnatural chemicals.

To minimise the body’s toxic load, it is advisable to drink clean healthy water which is free of contamination and, where possible, eat organic food. Living in an area which is free from industrial levels of pollution is obviously another advantage, although understandably not everyone is able to uproot themselves from such an environment. 

Emotional stress is another factor which affects oxygen levels. This is because when you’re stressed the body is forced to use oxygen to metabolise adrenalins and hormones and carry them out of the body. Although there’s a good reason for this – to achieve metabolic balance – it means less total oxygen is biologically available.

There’s a reason people tell you to take deep breaths when you’re anxious!

Of course, these aren’t the only factors which conspire to reduce the amount of oxygen available to cells. Others, such as lack of exercise, smoking and the use of pharmaceuticals, we can regulate to a degree; air pollution, as mentioned, is more difficult to deal with. In any case, when cells are unable to rely on oxygen for energy, they invariably ferment sugar and produce lactic acid.

This process has a few unwanted consequences: firstly, the lactic acid accumulates in the tissues, causing problems such as pain in the muscles and fatigue (and even, in some cases, acidosis); secondly, the metabolism of the cell is hindered, impacting cells’ contribution to overall healthy functioning. 

What Are Oxygen Enhancement Supplements?

Oxygen enhancement supplements are popular mainly in athletic use, typically for resistance-based exercise or sprint training. The desire, of course, is to get more oxygen into the muscle cells to improve endurance and performance and also avoid a build-up of lactic acid. However, as outlined there are numerous benefits which come with improving one’s oxygen levels.

Stabilised oxygen supplements, sometimes dubbed liquid oxygen, generally include diatomic oxygen and ultra-purified or de-ionised water, although some contain other ingredients such as aloe vera, colloidal silver and trace minerals. Ultimately though, they are designed to do the same thing.

As for whether stabilised oxygen supplements work, that kind of depends on who you ask. Take a few minutes to read online reviews of popular oxygen supplements and you’ll hear about improved recovery times between workouts, better endurance and higher energy levels. Doctors have also vouched for certain oxygen supplements as a means of increasing blood oxygen levels, improving nutrient absorption, helping destroy harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and restoring vitality.

That being said, you won’t have to look too hard to find detractors – those who claim stabilised oxygen is ‘no more than saltwater’. Like many natural products, oxygen cannot be patented, and so oxygen supplements are often given short shrift by skeptics.

What we can do is look at the results of specific studies which assessed the efficacy of stabilised oxygen supplements. One famous trial by Suntory International of Japan is often mentioned. The independent study set out to determine whether the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood in the forearm after rest would change following oral consumption of a stabilised oxygen formulation. Three healthy males were tested before and after consuming the solution over a period of four hours. 

The conclusion left little doubt: “Each subject’s partial pressure of oxygen was relatively stable prior to consumption but then rose immediately after consumption. The partial pressure of oxygen peaked 90 to 120 minutes after consumption, after which it gradually dropped, eventually reaching its pre-consumption level.” 

OxyRev: A Safe and Effective Stabilised Oxygen Supplement

Manufactured using proprietary technology, OxyRev contains diatomic oxygen in a solution of demineralised Grander Living Water and Atlantic sea salt. The dissolved, bioavailable oxygen can be held momentarily under the tongue to increase absorption or mixed in a glass of water or non-acidic juice and sipped throughout the day.

OxyRev is completely safe, non-toxic and natural, containing no dangerous stimulants or stabilisers of any kind. It is easily tolerated even by those with a delicate constitution and may actually help improve digestion.

The oxygen supplement has undergone trials with athletes and shown a partial pressure of oxygen increase in the blood of an average of 5% for up to two hours following a 6ml dose. Clinical trials of diatomic oxygen in the US, meanwhile, have shown a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of between two and eight points on systolic, and six to 14 on the diastolic.

If you feel you could benefit from OxyRev, why not give it a try and keep track of the results? It could give you the energy boost you need and also helps to promote better body pH balance.