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Part Two: Why Being Addicted to Your Phone is Harmful - Less Phone, More Time For Fun & Health Month

Part Two: Why Being Addicted to Your Phone is Harmful - Less Phone, More Time For Fun & Health Month

In the 2013 movie titled Her, Joaquin Phenoix’s character (Theodore) is left heartbroken by a painful divorce. He becomes fascinated by a new operating system with human-like emotions that he operates and communicates with through his phone. Although they start off as friends, Theodore soon falls in love with Samantha, his phone.

Phones have taken the place of people in our lives. In fact, they are even better than having relationships with people because they do whatever we ask of them! But is getting what we want always a good thing?

Why Is Technology Addiction Harmful?

Phones make it easy to avoid communication with other humans. Instead of picking up the phone to call someone, we text message them. It is quicker, takes less time and we do not have to physically talk to that person to get our message across. We quickly turn to our phones whenever we need anything. Example: “Siri, where is the closest coffee shop?” There is no need to do any work for yourself, including asking someone for directions. It is no wonder that so many of us are addicted.

While phones are busy making us socially awkward, they are also preventing us from being taught lessons that only face-to-face communication can teach us. What happens when phones become so advanced that we no longer need to talk to another human being ever again? How do we initiate human interaction if we no longer need to communicate?

Once upon a time, asking someone for directions was a great way to spark a conversation that might lead to a date. It was romantic. You see someone you like and you go up and talk to them. There is no need for that today because online dating websites have taken over the world. But there is no phone on earth that can replace the feeling you get when the person that just caught your eye comes over and introduces themselves without viewing your profile first.

How Do Phones Cause Acidity?

Cell phones are a relatively new thing considering they first became popular in 2005. It is amazing how fast they have advanced since then. But because they have not been around very long, it is hard to determine the long term effects that may have on health.

According to a 2008 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, cell phones are linked to malignant brain tumors and benign tumors of the brain’s auditory nerve. These symptoms only show up after 10 years of cell phone exposure, which means that prolonged use of your cell phone may be giving you cancer.

What Could You Do If You Weren’t Always On Your Phone?

The obvious answer here is that you might have a decreased risk of developing cancer from your phone. But giving up time on your phone means precious time devoted to other things, like being mindful of your surroundings

. People do important activities mindlessly all the time, such as eating. If mindless eating is causing you to eat more than you should, then it might be time to take a break from eating while scrolling through your news feed. Instead of checking in on Facebook, check in with yourself mentally to see how you are feeling throughout the day. Ask yourself if you are even hungry before taking that first bite. Maybe you are bored, sad or just need a hug (your phone can’t do that- yet!).

Activities That You’re Missing Out On

Memories strengthen our brain. They also bring you closer with your family. Instead of coming home from work and sitting on the couch with your phone, read to your kids. Teach your kids things from your childhood like how to write cursive or start a bonfire from scratch. Think of time away from your phone as memories your children will remember forever. When they think about their first time learning how to change the oil in their car, wouldn’t you rather it come from you than a Google search?

Phones have made life so easy that even dinner time isn’t safe anymore. Instead of ordering carry out from your phone, rent a cook book from the library and let your kids pick out a recipe they want to try. Then go to the grocery store as a family and cook that meal together. None of those things require a phone and you will have guaranteed family time that cannot be replaced. You might even inspire them to take up a new hobby. Many kids grow up to be what they learn at home or they turn the things they are taught at home into passions. Professional chefs probably learned their love for food at home.

It may not seem like it but being on your phone is tiring. It is mentally exhausting. If you are mentally zapped from technology all day you will have no energy to come home from work and be a productive family member. We challenge you to spend one day without looking at your phone once.

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