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Progurt probiotic reviews

Progurt Reviews: Hot Takes on the World’s Strongest Probiotic

Since we introduced Progurt to the UK market last year, we have had great feedback from our clients – many of whom have thanked us for making the world’s strongest probiotic available to them.

Because we only recently integrated Feefo Customer Reviews into our website, however, there aren’t yet many on our main product page at this time (a good deal of feedback has come to us via good old fashioned telephone).

That said, the Progurt international portal lists verified customer reviews, with the current total standing at 600. In addition, there have been a number of reviews published in recent years.

Progurt Testimonials: What Customers Say

The Progurt international site has been up and running a lot longer than our product pages, since we only introduced the probiotic to the British market last summer following lengthy discussions with the International Probiotics Institute (the team behind Progurt).

As such, you won’t have to look hard to find hundreds of customer reviews, comprising Progurt probiotic reviews and critiques of the other ancillary gut health products: Prebiotics, Alkaline Salt pH Capsules, Chloride and the special Progurt Yogurt Incubator.

We felt it would be a good idea to extract some reviews from the international website which speak to the product’s five-star rating. In our view, they give a good idea of how customers feel about Progurt, and with so much interest in gut health nowadays, there’s never been a better time to consider the potential of probiotics.

That being said, there are many factors which influence the microbiome and the performance of probiotics. These include diet, hydration, vitamin D levels, stress levels, body temperature, pH, oxygen flow and nutrient flow.

In other words, the conditions must be correct for proper colonisation of probiotic bacteria to occur.

Without further ado then, here is a snapshot of recent Progurt probiotic reviews (2018). If you wish to read more customer reviews, click here to scroll through 600.

“Progurt is the highest quality line of products I have found. Their probiotic powder is very gentle and has made a real difference in my life and those of my family. I highly recommend their products.” – Kim, 4/15/18, *****

“My gut is moving much better already after just 10 days use.” – Rosemary, 4/11/18, *****

“After taking 5 sachets of the Progurt, one each day for 5 days…my gut is so much better. No more pain, no more gas and bloating. Progurt is my new probiotic. And they are so easy to take with a little water. I’m not big on swallowing pills so the sachets work great for me. Thank you Progurt for giving me a normal belly again.” – Veronica, 4/9/18, *****

“A probiotic yogurt that has the diversity to be made with either dairy or coconut milk that can transform gut imbalances and boost your immune system. And so delicious with fruit or smoothies, it’s food as medicine.” – Lyn, 3/30/18, *****

“I have been using Progurt products – IncubatorpH capsChlorideProbiotics and Prebiotics – since February 2018. They are the most effective products I have used to help restore my gut health… Progurt products will continue to be a staple in my regime.” – Christine, 3/27/18

“I first got introduced to the Progurt products to assist with helping my son’s gut dysbiosis. He has been on the products (both in drink and yogurt form) for 3 months now and I have seen a notable change in him already.” – Charmaine, 3/23/18, *****

"If He Forgets to Take Progurt, His Stomach Issues Come Back"

“My husband had stomach issues for a few months now. He tried a few different probiotics but none of them seem to help him. I came across Progurt and decided to purchase it for him.

“After just one sachet, my husband felt no stomach issues for few days. Now we have purchased the Progurt incubator and make yogurt which he consumes every day and his stomach problems are gone. If he forgets to take Progurt yogurt then his stomach issues come back again.

“This product really works. Yes, it is expensive but unlike other probiotics out there, this one actually works.” – Nina, 3/23/18, *****

“Easiest to use and best probiotic on the market.” – Frenchs, 3/16/18, *****

“This is a high-quality probiotic, ideal for replenishing the gut following an illness or medical treatments. It has successfully pulled me out of a sensitive place (Candida flare) on a number of occasions – restoring my digestive system and giving me back my energy and vitality. There’s no other product around like it.” – Lily, 3/16/18, *****

“Progurt played a huge part in eliminating my chronic joint pains and other chronic fatigue type symptoms associated with poor gut health. I literally felt the benefits of Progurt after enjoying the first litre of incubated yogurt.” – Louise, 3/14/18, *****

“It’s a bit pricey but a great probiotic. Almost the instant feel of higher energy and great digestion.” – Brianna, 3/8/18, *****

“Have autoimmune inflammation diseases, took a course of Progurt over a 6 week period. It was amazing to see the results, of course a diet that supported my probiotics was essential in achieving the best results. Highly recommend to anyone with autoimmune issues.” – Billie-Jean, 2/25/18, *****

“Progurt has made a huge difference in the healing of my leaky gut and my overall digestion. It was a noticeable shift when my Dr prescribed this and I took my first dosage. It calmed everything down and kept everything moving.” – Stacey, 2/19/18, *****

“A simply impressive product with immediately noticeable results with better digestive function.” – David, 2/6/18, *****

“So easy to use. If you’re travelling you can add the probiotic in water or juice to drink.” – Sue, 1/24/18, *****

“I am a dietitian and select every food and supplement with care. I discovered this product at a food show and was extremely impressed with the quality and the benefits.” – Betsy, 1/12/18, *****

Progurt Reviews: What Reviewers Say

In addition to amassing many positive testimonials, Progurt has been well-received by reviewers.

In a write-up by Supplement Police, Progurt’s super-strength formula and high-quality ingredients are praised, with the reviewer correctly noting that “there are no additives, fillers, chemicals, synthetic substances or other harmful compounds in the formula that can cause one’s health to deteriorate.”

A separate review by My Wellbeing Journal points out that “Progurt is all-natural, with the strains specifically chosen for their high potency. The formula is exemplary when compared with others in the market as the isolates are attuned to natural gut flora rather than plant or animal-based isolates in other probiotics.”

In Naturally Healthy Parenting, the writer remarks that the Progurt range is “a quantum leap in probiotic use and offers huge potential benefits for many people, and in particular for the health of mothers and their children.”

A further review focused on Progurt consumed as yogurt (using the incubator). Health and wellness blogger Bei mentions familiar benefits for bloating and also, perhaps surprisingly, for skin.

“I found that eating Progurt over the course of a week, I was feeling less bloated and not in so much pain after eating a meal, I also noticed that I didn’t break out in spots like I usually do around the time of my monthly which was a plus, and my bowel movements were on point.”

Progurt Probiotic Uses

As with any probiotic, Progurt can be used for many things. Some of the most common goals include:

• Rebalancing/rebuilding gut flora (e.g. after antibiotics)

• Improving digestion

• Combating bloating

• Enhancing nutrient absorption

• Strengthening immunity

• Assisting with food intolerances

• Increasing nutrient production (vitamins, short-chain fatty acids)

• Tamping down inflammation

• Weight loss

• Nurturing the gut-brain link

• Assisting with blood pressure reduction

Research in the probiotic/gut health area is continually expanding and gaining momentum. There is plenty that we don’t yet understand about the microbiome, and it seems unlikely that we’ll have a clear picture for many years yet.

What has been demonstrated, through clinical trials and customer testimony, however, is that probiotics can have a tangible effect on your wellbeing. Supporting the healthy balance of microbes in the gut is of vital importance, particularly given that we are more microbe than human.

Why is Progurt So Expensive?

It is a logical question to ask: why is Progurt so expensive? There are two main reasons but let’s take just one of them:

• Progurt is the world’s strongest probiotic

It is beyond dispute that Progurt is stronger than any other probiotic. Its one trillion megadose is unprecedented in the field of probiotic supplementation.

To give you an idea, most products contain just 5, 10 or 20 billion Colony-Forming Units per serving. As such, a single sachet of Progurt contains more good bacteria than you’ll find in a month’s supply of the typical probiotic.

When you compare a 20 billion probiotic to Progurt, therefore, you are not comparing like-for-like. You are comparing two products that are completely and irrefutably different. Should it really be a surprise, therefore, that a two-pack of Progurt retails for £38.75?

A customer may reply that, at £19 a pop, they cannot afford to consume Progurt probiotics on a daily basis. However, Progurt needn’t necessarily be consumed on a daily basis.

It can be taken as and when you need to build up your microflora. It can be taken once every few days or once a week; it can be taken to settle the stomach or strengthen immunity while you’re abroad. It can be taken intensively for a week or two after a course of powerful antibiotics.

These various protocols are possible because of the mammoth Progurt dosage.

The supplement can also be taken in yogurt form. One sachet gives about five days’ worth of Progurt yogurt if consuming 200ml per day. In this context, Progurt doesn’t seem expensive at all: a £19 sachet will provide a 200 billion hit of probiotics, every day, for five days.

£3.80 for a probiotic yogurt is not so outlandish. Indeed, you might pay the same for a fancy bottle of kefir from your local Whole Foods.

We can think of no other probiotic supplement on the market today which offers a 200 billion dose for just £3.80 As mentioned, most supplements contain just 10 or 20 billion good bacteria per serving. You might get more than 200 billion in a month’s supply, but you won’t get anywhere near as much in a daily serving.

What is Progurt Made From?

Another reason for the perceived expensiveness of Progurt is its unique composition. Progurt sachets contain entirely human-derived bacteria: in other words, probiotic bacteria isolated and cultured from healthy humans. The International Probiotics Institute call it ‘the divine gift of nature’.

When you realise that 99% of probiotic manufacturers get their bacteria from either bovine sources or plant matter (soil), you come to realise that Progurt is a completely different proposition.

It stands to reason that human bacteria will better colonise the human gastrointestinal tract than that which is cultured from a non-human source. Colonisation that is fast, effective and natural. When you take Progurt, your body is not encountering unfamiliar bacteria. These are native strains which, for many reasons, may be missing or undernourished in your GIT.

Again, comparing Progurt to other supplements is not comparing like-for-like. Progurt has innovation at its heart.

How to Buy Progurt

Eager to get started? You can purchase Progurt, with free shipping, direct from our store. As ever, we encourage you to leave feedback detailing your own experiences.

Remember, Progurt can be consumed as a drink by dispersing a sachet in pure water, or as a yogurt, using the incubator.

It can and has made a difference to many and we are proud to represent the brand in the UK.


Research in the probiotic/gut health area is continually expanding and gaining momentum. There is plenty that we don’t yet understand about the microbiome, and it seems unlikely that we’ll have a clear picture for many years yet.

What has been demonstrated, through clinical trials and customer testimony, however, is that probiotics can have a tangible effect on your wellbeing.

Supporting the healthy balance of microbes in the gut is of vital importance, particularly given that we are more microbe than human.

Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here to find out more.