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Relief from Back Pain and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Some of Natasha Corrett's Benefits from Switching to an Alkaline Diet

Relief from Back Pain and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Some of Natasha Corrett's Benefits from Switching to an Alkaline Diet

Relief from Back Pain and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Some of Natasha Corrett's Benefits from Switching to an Alkaline Diet

Six years ago at age 26, gourmet cook Natasha Corrett discovered something that would energise her, help her lose weight, relieve some enduring health complaints, and revolutionise her life. At that time she was suffering from back pain, polycystic ovarian syndrome, exhaustion, and she was unhappy with her weight. After just one month on an alkaline diet, she had lost weight and her health had improved. Since then, she has never looked back. She has written several books with alkaline recipes and alkaline detoxification programs and she regularly blogs about the alkaline lifestyle.

The Alkaline Diet is Simple

The alkaline diet is a diet where one consumes 70 percent alkaline forming foods like vegetables, whole grains, some nuts and seeds, pulses, fruit, and herbal teas and the remaining 30 percent of the diet is made up of a combination of neutral or acidic foods like meat, dairy, eggs. One very effective way of obtaining your greens is by supplementing with Green Vibrance. Foods like gluten, sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee, and all sodas are to be avoided on this diet due to them being extremely acidic and very stressful to the body.

The point behind eating in this way is to consume enough alkaline food to make it easy for one’s body to keep its blood and organs at a slightly alkaline level where research has found they function there best.

Why Does Natasha Corrett Follow an Alkaline Diet?

Unsurprisingly, after years of on-and-off dieting, Natasha's body no longer responded properly to food. When she cut the number of daily calories in her diet, her body simply slowed its metabolism and used fuel sparingly to accommodate for the loss of calories.

Accordingly, she could not lose weight on diets anymore. Even worse, when she was not dieting, her body simply continued its slow metabolism, which caused her to put on weight. For her, the alkaline diet immediately paid off, both in weight loss and in regulating her body's metabolism so that it once again burned enough food to prevent weight gain.

On the alkaline diet, she lost two stone and two dress sizes. Still, while she recognises that the diet does help one lose weight, she sees it, not as a quick-fix weight loss method, but as a long-term weight maintenance lifestyle, especially when paired with exercise. It is healthy habit-forming, so she has learnt to enjoy tasty but healthy food and no longer reaches for unhealthy snacks when she is hungry, tired or down.

Boost Your Mood & Energy Levels

Natasha says that she now has much more energy than before. This allows her to work and play harder and, together with exercise, helps her maintain a positive mood. So much of life is rendered unpleasant by negative emotions, self-doubt, poor self-esteem, and chronic fatigue that many people have forgotten how to be happy and enjoy their families and careers. Better still, the more one works and the better quality work one is able to do, the better one feels about oneself. The 70/30 lifestyle, hence, re-enforces itself because the energy and positive emotions that result from the healthy food translate into more energy and positive emotions.

Enjoy Really Delicious Healthy Food

In the past, Natasha struggled with the old dilemma of choosing between tasty unhealthy food and boring healthy food. For a professional chef, this can be an uncomfortable problem. However, she now says that she loves the food the alkaline diet promotes to eat.

Taste-wise, the worst aspect of popular low carbohydrate diets is the exclusion of whole grains, fruit, potatoes, and orange vegetables. This leaves one with primarily clean green vegetables which many people do not like much. The alkaline diet allows a far greater variety of foods, which makes it a lot easier to come up with genuinely tasty dishes.

Be Excited by New Ingredients

Moreover, meat and dairy encourage boring recipes because cooks load every main dish with meat, cream and cheese. There are so many more varieties of vegetables, nuts, and fruits than meats, however, so recipes are automatically more interesting.

Further, excessive sugar and salt blunts our taste buds until we can no longer enjoy foods that do not contain them. Once one abandons these, food that previously tasted bland suddenly comes to life. Eating alkaline also introduces a lot of herbs into a diet, with which no diet can be bland.

Astounding Results for Natasha’s PCOS & Back Pain

After some weeks on the alkaline diet, symptoms of Natasha's polycystic ovarian syndrome started to improve. Soon enough, acne, mood swings, and bloating were things of the past. She believed that the diet balanced her hormones and facilitated the repairs. Most cases of acne are, in fact, caused by hormonal imbalances, which is why so many skin creams and soaps are so ineffective while some contraceptive pills work so well.

It is uncontroversial that dieting can affect one’s hormonal balance; diabetes, for example, which is a major disorder of the endocrine or hormonal system, is caused primarily by unhealthy eating. It is for these reasons no doctor can dismiss a patient with these health conditions giving the healthy alkaline diet a try, even if it is tried alongside conventional treatment.

Natasha also claims that her battles with muscle spasms and back pain are over. Many people struggle with muscle pain, often as a result of stress. From her own testimony, this was clearly a big problem in her life. Physically, the alkaline diet allowed her muscles to relax, but her improved energy levels also helped her to be more productive and positive, which addressed the causes of the stress.

So Much Improvement to Health in Such Little Time

When looking at before-and-after pictures of herself, Natasha believes the alkaline lifestyle is responsible for her better figure, shinier hair, and more vibrant skin. She attributes it to the diet's ability to slow the aging of the body's cells. Furthermore, if the cells on the outside of our bodies respond so well to the diet by looking healthier and younger, she thinks it is obvious why the cells on the inside also seem to function so much better.

Finally, Celebrities Promoting a Truly Healthy Way of Eating

The alkaline diet has become extremely popular among those whose lives are above average busy and among those with great figures for whom previous diets were painful. Victoria Beckham, Robbie Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Brook, Kelly Holmes, Natalie Imbruglia, and Lisa Snowdon, among others, have since adopted the alkaline diet.

Victoria Beckham, who is known for extreme dieting to maintain her figure, calls this the first lifestyle diet on which she can eat a reasonable amount of food without putting on weight. Gwyneth Paltrow has hailed it for her improved energy levels and her positive mood. Swimwear designer Melissa Odabash praises it for allowing her to eat enough while still looking good in her bikinis.

The Alkaline Diet Really Just Promotes Old Fashioned Healthy Eating

Best of all, the alkaline diet is not simply the latest fad. It corresponds closely with what physicians have told us for years. Processed packaged food contains too many chemicals to be truly healthy. Refined carbohydrates contain almost no nutrients at all. Sugar spikes and drops our blood sugar level in a yo-yo pattern that leaves us exhausted.

Since caffeine and alcohol are addictive, the energy boost we think they provide is temporary and smaller every day. Whole grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and herbs are natural, healthy, are energy-giving. It is, therefore, predictable that so many celebrities benefit from eating them and we can too if we just gave it a go! Healthy Vegetarian Oils are packed with wonderful health benefits that are also energy-giving. A selection of these oils ensures there is one for your salads, medium heat cooking and high heat cooking.