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Mega nutrients in Green Vibrance green superfood powder

Mega Nutrients in Green Vibrance Green Superfood Powder

We all need good nutrition that provides the nutrients we need to function properly. Giving your body the nourishment it needs feeds mind, body and soul. It provides energy, improves sleep, promotes healthy bones, maintains organs, shifts toxins, boosts circulation, supports gut health, keeps your brain healthy and helps sustain good mental health.

All this and more strengthens immunity preventing illness, infection and disease. The more robust you are, the more ably you'll recover should you become unwell, and continue to live a healthy life.

First and foremost, eating healthily is where it's at. Nourishing your mind and body with a diverse range of healthy whole foods is essential for good health.

But if you're going through a period of stress, have health challenges, exercise intensely, have poor sleep, etc., you may feel it's appropriate to supplement to provide you with extra nutrients.

Green Vibrance is a great all-rounder to support healthy eating. It's a green food supplement made from a carefully curated and substantial range of vegetables, fruit, algae, grasses, herbs and probiotics. One daily scoop mixed with water, juice or a smoothie is an easy and effective way to increase your vegetable intake and boost your levels of key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

While all the ingredients in Green Vibrance powder are worth their weight in gold and work collectively to keep your health and immunity tip-top, we've highlighted three star nutrients below.

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three green smoothies in glass jars being clinked by separate people

What to Look for in Green Powders, Plus 8 Health Benefits

What to Look for in Green Powders, Plus 8 Health Benefits

A super greens powder is a supplement many of us could do with adding to our daily health regimen. Doing so can plug nutritional gaps by increasing your vegetable intake and creating a hassle-free juicing experience while still providing benefits.

The quality and nutrition profile varies among brands but any superfood powder worth its salt can supply a wide range of nutrients in a highly concentrated form from an abundance of plant-based sources, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, grasses and algae.

Alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, these nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich supplements can provide several health benefits, including preventing disease and supporting your immunity, liver and cardiovascular health. They can also improve detoxification, energy and digestion, and support skin and bone health.

We are all exposed to an increasing amount of environmental pollutants from the atmosphere, our food, water, beauty, body care and household cleaning products. So, we might all benefit from taking a clean, alkaline, anti-inflammatory supplement.

A well-formulated superfood powder can provide extra nutrients where our vegetable intake is low, or the vegetables we eat are grown in depleted soils lacking in essential minerals. It can provide robust nutrient density and effectively replenish our dietary intake of valuable micronutrients. The ingredients in high-quality powders are more bioavailable. They’re usually selected and dried in their raw form close to harvest, compared to the vegetables we buy from the supermarket, which are often less fresh and have lost many nutrients by the time we consume them. In 2004, the US Department of Agriculture verified a stark drop in nutrient density in our everyday food supply between 1950 and 1999, supporting our need to bolster our daily nutrient intake with a comprehensive supplement. A complete superfood greens powder blend could be the perfect addition to a healthy diet and preventative healthcare plan.

What to look for in a green superfood powder

  • When choosing a green powder, be aware of the following:

    • Ensure top-quality ingredients, preferably organic
    • Check that the supplement is tested for purity and is clear of contaminants, including heavy metals and pesticides
    • It should be free of fillers, additives, artificial flavourings, preservatives, sugar and GMOs. Also, check for any allergens.
    • The more nutrient-dense, the better; look for a wide range of ingredients with abundant nutrients to support the whole body
    • Check the amounts of each ingredient are shown on the label
    • Also, check the supplement provides recommended daily allowances of key vitamins and minerals, e.g. vitamins A, C and D
    • Extra benefits would be the inclusion of probiotics and digestive enzymes to improve nutrient absorption
    • Look for cold processing or freeze-drying, so the ingredients retain enzymes and nutrient integrity

    8 green superfood powder health benefits

    1) Immune support 

    Vitamins and minerals are essential for you to function optimally.

    Effectively nourishing your body gives you a stronger foundation to buffer the effects of stress, shift toxins and sleep better while making you less susceptible to illness, infection and disease.

    Should you become ill, a well-fed immune system has a better chance of protecting you and enabling you to overcome it more swiftly.

    Vitamins A, C, D, K, E and folate are powerful immunity enhancers. Vitamin C can help to shorten the duration of a cold, especially in children. It can also help to reduce the frequency of colds in those under greater physical stress like athletes or marathon runners.

    Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) support both innate and adaptive immunity, aiding your natural defences such as cellular immunity and antibody production.

    For example, vitamins A, C, D, E and folate support immune cells, protecting against pathogens and toxins.

    They’re also potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects that improve overall immunity and lower the risk of chronic disease.

    Antioxidants work more effectively in whole food form as they work symbiotically with the other nutrients in that food.

    Green powders preserve the entire food, be it broccoli, spinach or kale. Consequently, the antioxidant benefits provided by these vitamins are far more effective than if they are isolated in a standard supplement.

    If a green powder has added probiotics, it can support digestion and gut health which helps immunity .

    A well-formulated green powder should provide high levels of micronutrients and antioxidants to support immunity.

    2) Disease Prevention

    The antioxidants found in superfood green powders have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, helping to rid your body of excess free radicals which damage your cells.

    Oxidation, as it’s otherwise known, increases your risk of chronic diseases including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart and Parkinson’s disease. 

    By providing nutrients that support elimination channels and systems like your liver, kidneys and gut, a comprehensive green powder can help to reduce your toxic load, protecting you from disease.

    Any added grasses and algae, like wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella , have immense detox capabilities, reducing heavy metal toxicity .

    They can also help to regulate insulin sensitivity and blood sugar, guarding against inflammation and diabetes.

    Supplementing with a daily green powder could you from chronic disease and help to reduce blood pressure .

    3) Liver support and detoxification

    Green powders contain leafy greens, which aid liver function. This major detoxifier has over 500 jobs, including storing valuable vitamins as a backup should you need them.

    Leafy greens and fruits, including apples and berries, also support the kidneys, which work with your liver to excrete waste from your blood as urine. 

    Any added probiotics and digestive enzymes will aid digestion and strengthen your gut health. A healthy digestive system efficiently excretes toxins via the stool.

    Increased toxicity can make your liver sluggish and interfere with its action. It puts pressure on your entire system, and eventually, everything can struggle.

    Any added grasses and algae can take stress off the liver by aiding heavy metal detoxification. Their antioxidant power can help to cleanse the liver and protect it from cell damage.

    You’ll find that the happier your liver, the more energised you become.

    The collective alkaline nutrients in green powder can support pH balance, improving blood oxygenation, clearing toxic carbon dioxide from your blood and improving circulation. 

    4) Protects cardiovascular health 

    The antioxidants in a good-quality green powder can reduce the risk of free radical damage and lower chronic inflammation, protecting from heart disease

    Liver support can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels as it is instrumental in synthesising cholesterol and removing any excess from your body.

    You’ll find minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium to promote healthy blood pressure. Vitamin K1, found in leafy greens and other green vegetables like broccoli, can also help maintain healthy blood vessels and protect the heart.

    Recent researchfound that people with the highest intake of vitamin K1 were 21% less likely to be hospitalised with cardiovascular disease related to atherosclerosis.

    5) Helps maintain a healthy blood and body pH balance

    A balanced pH is essential for optimal health. Your body tightly controls your blood pH to keep it in a healthy range (between 7.35 to 7.45). But things like a poor diet, medication, toxicity, insomnia and low electrolytes can put pressure on your system, so it has to work harder to maintain the right balance.

    A healthy blood pH is vital for oxygen transfer (oxygen in and carbon dioxide out), optimal circulation and blood oxygenation. If compromised, an imbalanced blood pH can put you at an increased risk of infection and disease.

    Eating alkaline foods as part of a healthy eating plan can help your body maintain a healthy blood and body pH with more ease.

    Supplementing with a good-quality green powder can help to increase your alkaline intake.

    6) Protects your skin 

    Eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, providing anti-ageing benefits for your skin .

    A good example is vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that not only reduces inflammation but also increases collagen production, encouraging firmer, more toned skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

    Grasses and algae are incredibly nutritious superfoods with a rich nutritional profile and high in chlorophyll. They have significant skin rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties.

    Take spirulina and barley grass: both calm inflammation, promote a faster skin cell turnover and release toxins. Another cereal grass called wheatgrass may help to improve eczema and psoriasis.

    Probiotics promote gut health which is reflected in your complexion. An efficient digestive system can also help to combat inflammation and contribute towards anti-ageing.

    A green powder with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, grasses, algae and added probiotics can protect your skin by supporting vital processes that reduce free radical damage, enhance detoxification and keep you healthy. 

    7) Can aid digestion and promote a healthy gut

    A healthy gut is essential, with around 70% of your immune system residing in your gastrointestinal tract.

    A flourishing digestive system efficiently excretes harmful waste and toxins and prevents inflammation of the GI tract, keeping you healthy.

    If your gut function is compromised, it can cause conditions like leaky gut, irritable bowel disease, colitis, and constipation, which stress your entire system and increase inflammation and toxicity.

    It can also affect your immunityand increase your chances of infection, illness and disease.

    A superfood green powder with probiotics and digestive enzymes supports gut health and aids digestion. Grasses and algae can feed good gut bacteria. The algae spirulina may help reduce candida cells.

    8) Helps maintain healthy bones

    As with all the benefits listed in this article, this depends on the nutrient profile of the green powder. Look for vitamin D3, which aids calcium absorption, essential for bone health. Leafy greens and grasses like barley grass and wheatgrass are rich in calcium and magnesium, vital for strong bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis and keep your teeth healthy. Broccoli, apples, spinach, beetroot, carrot, celery, and cauliflower are good boron sources, crucial for bone growth and maintenance.


    The collective alkaline nutrients in green powder can support pH balance, improving blood oxygenation, clearing toxic carbon dioxide from your blood and improving circulation.

    It’s important to know what to look for in a green powder, which hopefully this article has clarified. 

    Choosing a comprehensive formula can provide several health benefits and be a valuable addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It can be an effective way to increase your vegetable intake, particularly if you’re concerned you’re not eating enough.

    A nutrient-dense powder can also be a super nutritious juice without all the hassle. A well-formulated superfood green powder should have an extensive, wide-ranging ingredients list, preferably organic. It needs to be clean and free from contaminants, without added fillers, preservatives, artificial colours, sugar, additives or GMOs.

    It should also be cold extracted or freeze-dried and raw to preserve all the nutrients from the plant foods.

    Look for a powder that contains vitamin D3 to support healthy bones and added probiotics and digestive enzymes to support gut health and increase nutrient absorption so you can obtain all the benefits.

    Green Vibrance Powder is an exceptionally nutrient-dense blend that contains over 70 ingredients, including organic spirulina, barley, wheat and oat grass. It’s brimming with antioxidant herbs, vitamins, minerals and 25 billion probiotics from 12 strains; and it's even gluten-free.

    Maximum Vibrance goes one step further by providing 20g of plant protein per serving. It comes in vanilla, chocolate or original flavours.

    Written by Rebecca Rychlik, Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath. Follow Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook and Medium, @rebeccabitesback.

    Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here  to find out more.

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The Raw Organic Green Powder Drink Healthy Diet Guide

The Raw Organic Green Powder Drink Healthy Diet Guide

The Raw Organic Green Powder Drink Healthy Diet Guide

If you want to get into a routine of drinking green juice first thing in the morning, there are many things to consider, such as buying fresh produce and adding supplements or superfoods.

This all takes time and a whole lot of effort.

Reaching for a green powder drink is can be so much easier, especially if you lead a busy life and are always on the go.

But the question remains - should I use a green powder drink? And if so, which one? And what do I look out for in the ingredients?

Read on to find out more…

  • Are powdered green drinks good for you?

    There are hundreds of greens powders on the market. It pays to take the time to select the most appropriate green drink for you because -

    Not all green juice powders are equal

    If you choose a plant-based raw greens powder that is entirely natural (like pHresh Greens), then you’ll be drinking digestive enzymes and nutrients. 

    But how can green powder be raw when it’s clearly been altered? 

    This is a question I used to ask before I understood how you could dry out greens at low temperatures to lock in the goodness. 

    Some cheaper alternatives don’t use gentle low-heat dehydration. Therefore the greens powder will be less effective at boosting your energy levels.

    You also have to look out for products that use fillers, chemicals, additives, or GMOs

    Green juice powder should be consumed as part of a healthy diet and can be substituted for your morning meal or part of a detox plan. 

    What is a greens powder?

    Greens powder refers to a powdered drink that you add to water or a detox smoothie.

    A good greens powder will be bursting with nutritional benefits.

    The best greens powder will contain probiotics, antioxidants, B vitamins, carotenoids, phytonutrients, enzymes, dietary fibre and essential fatty acids.

    As well as other raw greens like wheatgrass powder, barley grass powder, spirulina, chlorella, and selected green vegetables. 

    It's true that greens powders seem expensive (at first) – and some people ask if green powders are a waste of money.

    But if you purchased all of the ingredients individually, you’d be paying a hell of a lot more.

    Green juice powder is a quick and easy way to consume your greens. Plus, when you do the math, green juice powder is less than £1 per day

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    What’s the best green drink powder?

    The best green drink powder should be raw, organic, and bursting with concentrated nutrition.

    If you also add a convenient sachet of probiotics to your green juice, then you’ll be getting even more nutrition in just one drink.

    Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the water that you use to mix your green drink powder should be clean, high quality, and ideally alkaline.

    We’ve scoured the market to ensure that we only provide the cleanest and highest quality green juice powder.

    It’s tempting to add sweet fruits into the mix. However, the idea of drinking green juice powder is that we fill our body with green leafy vegetables and alkalise the system.

    Green juice powder can take time to adjust to, especially when we’ve all been accustomed to eating for taste. But stick with it; in time, it will become an essential part of your healthy lifestyle routine. 

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    The best time to drink green juice

    When you drink green juice, it’s important to prioritise it as a breakfast replacement.

    Green juice is best consumed first thing in the morning when your digestive system is still waking up.

    Gently introduce plant-based nutrition without the heaviness of consuming a meal at breakfast time.

    If you still want to eat a light breakfast or drink a cup of coffee, wait a few hours. That way, your body can digest the alkaline-based nutrition before anything acidic gets a chance to interfere.  

    The common adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has been challenged a lot in the past few years, with many health advocates opting for intermittent fasting and missing breakfast altogether.

    Green juice is a middle ground in a way; they offer you heaps of nutrition in an easy-to-consume package.

    One last thing on timing: proponents of intuitive eating suggest waiting until your body is ready and asking for breakfast rather than robotically consuming it.

    However, I’m not convinced that this will work when a person’s microbiome is out of whack. 

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    6 green juice powder do’s and don’ts

    Although green juice powder is a fantastic addition to your daily routine, there are a few things you need to look out for.

    1. DO: Green powder shouldn’t be a substitute for all of your greens because green powder is low in fibre. It’s important to also eat a big hearty salad to boost your vegetable intake. 

     2. DON’T: Add in fruits (fresh or dried) as they will alter the pH level of your green juice. It’s a good idea to stick with green leafy vegetables and green powder, at least in your morning juice. 

     3. DO: Some people suggest that juicing can raise blood sugar. This can be true for lots of fruits, but not for green powder as it's only made from veggies. If you’re concerned in any way, then speak to your health care provider before adding green juice to your daily routine. 

     4. DO: Always check that your green juice is raw and doesn’t contain any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

     5. DO: There have been some reports of negative effects on the kidneys when consuming too much green juice. Always ensure that you drink your green juice as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

    6. DON’T: Expect that green juice powder is a miracle cure. You need to ensure that you have a balanced healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise, relaxation and healthy relationships. 

    What happens when you drink green juice daily?

    No two people are the same, not even identical twins. As such, your experience will most likely be different from others.

    I’ve found that drinking green juice first thing in the morning helps me start the day on the right foot.

    I’m a proponent of intermittent fasting, so I have my green juice a bit later, between 11am and noon. 

    When I consume green juice, either in powder form or from my garden, I feel lighter and full of energy.

    Also, I don’t feel the need to reach out for processed or acidic snacks when I start the day with green juice. 


    Don't expect that green juice powder is a miracle cure. You need to ensure you have a balanced healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise, relaxation and healthy relationships.

    Drinking your green juice powder (and alkaline water) first thing in the morning ensures that you start your day in a healthy, nutritious way.

    It's way faster than juicing lots of vegetables, so green juice powder is ideal for a hectic lifestyle. 

    Make sure that you check the ingredients of your green juice powder to make sure that it's free from nasty additives or toxins.

    Choose green juice powders that have either a high probiotic or high nutrition profile. Drinking green juice first thing in the morning is a perfect way to start your healthy lifestyle journey. 

    Written by best-selling author and integrative nutrition health coach Rowanna Watson, who has a passion for natural health. Rowanna is an expert in all areas of holistic health, plant-based nutrition, detoxification and personal development.

    Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life. Click here to find out more.

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two glasses of green smoothie

Top 10 Green Smoothie Health Benefits

Top 10 Green Smoothie Health Benefits

Green smoothies are not only yummy but also highly nutritious and great substitutes for snacks and even meals.

These excellent drinks are normally made from leafy vegetables just as the name suggests, and all you need to get going is your ingredients and a blender.

Many of the health benefits of smoothies come from the essential minerals and vitamins vegetables are known for.

Green drinks also help you stay full while quashing the urge to load your stomach with unhealthy foods.

Here are top 10 health benefits of drinking green smoothies.

  1. They have greater nutritional value

Green smoothies are normally healthier compared to fresh juices made from fruits and veggies. This is because blending allows you to enjoy more vitamins, fibre and minerals than you would get if you decided to make juice from the same products. With the right smoothie blender, you can have your fruits properly blended in such a way that they’ll be absorbed in the body faster.

  1. Encourage health delicacy

Green smoothies can be great when you want to start a healthy eating journey. They help supply your body with all the necessary nutrients, thus limiting those dangerous junk food cravings. Healthy greens keep you strong and full without the need to indulge in calorific foods.

  1. They enhance your digestion system

You can automatically improve your digestive capabilities with green smoothies. Green superfoods are great detoxifiers and thus help cleanse your system to help you feel light and refreshed.

  1. They’re a good source of vitamins and minerals

Smoothies made from green veggies are a good source of vitamins and minerals. You can combine the right type and amounts of green vegetables to increase the level of the nutrients you obtain from your smoothies. Basically, green vegetables are the most nutritious foods – and drinking them as smoothie helps improve the body’s absorption rate.

  1. They improve skin health

Green smoothies have the capability of not only transforming your inner health but your outlook as well. By consuming greens, you will enjoy a smoother, healthier complexion, especially because the biggest percentage of content in veggies is water. Regular intake of smoothies can leave your skin glowing and looking youthful.

  1. They aid in weight loss

If you are looking for the best weight loss remedy, green smoothies are a godsend. Why? Because green veggies are low-sugar and low-calorie, of course. In fact, greens are some of the most weight loss-friendly foods on the planet. Drinking smoothies also help you feel fuller for longer.

  1. They boost your immunity

Since they are rich in minerals and vitamins, green vegetables are considered to be a fine solution for boosting immune health. Consuming green smoothies regularly helps protect your body from diseases and sicknesses in a very effective way.

  1. Boost Energy

Many green vegetables and fruits are able to enhance energy levels naturally. A good example is spinach, which is rich in iron; bananas which are rich in carbohydrates; and citrus fruits, which are great sources of vitamin C. Combining some of these ingredients will give your energy levels a terrific boost and help you feel strong and vibrant throughout the day.

  1. They are low in calories

Although they are extremely filling, green smoothies do not pack your body with unnecessary calories. Instead, they are composed mostly of fibre and water. Consuming green smoothies will help your body burn those stubborn extra pounds efficiently.

  1. They keep you hydrated

As mentioned earlier, green vegetables have a high water content. Add to this the fact that water (and perhaps natural fruit juice) is added to the smoothie blender when making the drink and you have a good water percentage for your body. If you do not like drinking water directly, taking it in smoothies is a good way to stay hydrated. In summation, green smoothies are ideal for all ages and in fact can be great for kids who do not like eating vegetables directly. Just make them yummy, sweeten with a little honey if you must, and serve them chilled. Delicious!

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How Does Chlorella Benefit Us?

How Does Chlorella Benefit Health?

How Does Chlorella Benefit Health?

Every few months, it seems, we are introduced to yet another ‘superfood’ purporting to be a panacea for all of life’s ills. Of course, no food is a cure-all – but neither are all foods equal, doing more or less the same thing. Some edibles very much deserve the polarising ‘superfood’ tag – and one of them is chlorella.

But how does chlorella benefit us, and what are the merits of incorporating the all-natural supplement into our daily regime?

What is Chlorella?

Before we can get into what benefits, if any, chlorella provides, we should probably talk about what it is. Chlorella is a unicellular freshwater micro-algae native to Taiwan and Japan. Blue-green in colour and bursting with chlorophyll – just like its relative spirulina – chlorella exploded onto the UK health scene a decade ago, when it first appeared in tablet form.

Nowadays chlorella supplements are much more widely available, though some are better than others – more on that later. Nutritionally, chlorella packs a heavy punch. Not only is it dense with protein (twice as much as spinach), but it contains all nine essential amino acids, the so-called building blocks of muscle. Chlorella is also teeming with useful vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B2 and B3, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. Indeed, a single ounce of chlorella yields 287% of your recommended daily vitamin A and 202% of your recommended daily iron. Superfood? Not half!

Health Benefits of Chlorella?

A great many studies have been commissioned in chlorella’s name, largely owing to its rich supply of bioavailable carotenoids and other antioxidants like lutein, ascorbic acid and beta-carotene.

As such, most of the research tend to centre on the algae’s ability to detoxify heavy metals, support immune health, boost energy levels, stimulate weight loss or lower blood sugar.

Some of the most fascinating ones are referenced below.

Needless to say, the scientific research assessing chlorella and its myriad benefits is considerable. Disappearing down the rabbit hole in pursuit of chlorella facts is easy.

The Best Chlorella Supplements

Although chlorella appears to be adept at dealing with heavy metals, you would not wish to buy a chlorella supplement which already contains a surplus of heavy metals. You would also surely wish to avoid chlorella supplements which contain cheap fillers and excipients.

In our view, chlorella grown indoors is preferable, as the intake of toxins and heavy metals is greatly reduced. Even outdoor chlorella that’s certified ‘organic’ risks exposure to harmful environmental contaminants.

What’s more, indoor-grown chlorella develops thinner cell walls which – because they’re broken down during drying and processing – are far easier for the human body to digest.

Foodtopia has been in the chlorella business since before the boom, so it can hardly be accused of riding the superfood wave. Their chlorella is certified kosher, vegan-friendly and non-GMO, and unlike with some chlorella supplements, there are no fillers, additives, binders or excipients used in the manufacturing process: what you get is 100% pure chlorella pressed into a tablet.

Since chlorella is a whole food, it can be taken any time – with or without food. To make the most of its benefits for the digestive system though, it’s probably best taken just before meals.

Can chlorella benefit health? Absolutely. But if you're hunting high and low for a panacea, we suggest you call off the search.

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