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Why Baking With Honey Isn’t So Healthy After All

Is Baking with Honey Healthy?

Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is hailed as the best choice by many as an alternative to sugar, but there are some cases when it is not the best option for sweetening our foods.

The following article highlights points to be aware of when using this natural product. Why do we love honey? Honey has been used for generations because of it’s delicious sweet flavour and also it’s many health benefits.

Natural raw honey is packed with goodies such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It has antibacterial properties and can help your body to fight against allergies.

So why is baking with honey discouraged?

The health benefits mentioned above can only be found in raw honey. Many brands that can be purchased in stores are pasteurised, which means it has been heated to high temperatures to kill any bacteria. Unfortunately, pasteurised honey does not contain the health benefits discussed as heat destroys the enzymes.

Baking and cooking with honey not only takes away the health benefits but can also alter the taste. There is often a bitter after taste associated with honey that has been cooked.

Once treated in this way honey can cause us to form mucus, leading to congestion, weight gain, breathing issues, acne and even diabetes.

What can you use instead for baking and cooking?

There are still alternative options to granulated sugar when cooking and baking. You can opt for maple syrup or stevia. These are a great alternatives which withstand heat well, and have a few health benefits of their own.

Mashed bananas or dates are brilliant fruit solutions that taste delicious when used in recipes in place of sugar. The trick may be to experiment with recipes, using sweet fruits and vegetable in the place of sugar. You may find that you prefer your old favourites when they are less sweet, or sweetened differently. Have fun and play around!

No need to remove sweets things completely from your diet

In summary there is no reason that you should completely eliminate sweets from your diet when you are being healthy. Instead try to eat sweet things in moderation. Be aware of what you are putting into your recipes and use good quality ingredients.