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  1. Amazing Ways Alkaline Water Can Help You Lose Weight

    Whilst many might turn their noses up at another trend, alkaline water makes a difference in many areas of health... Read More
  2. The Importance of Body pH Balance for Optimum Blood Flow & Oxygen Transfer

    You need balanced blood pH for optimal health. In fact, it’s crucial.  Your blood pH can affect your health in... Read More
  3. What Are Enzymes, And What Do They Do For Us?

    Enzymes are proteins that play a vital role, helping to speed up both cellular and extracellular chemical reactions in the... Read More
  4. How to Maintain the Correct Acid Base Balance for Health

    Your acid base balance is also known as pH balance, and maintaining healthy levels is essential. Read on to find... Read More
  5. How Using a Filtered Water Bottle Improves Health

    There are several valid reasons why using a filtered water bottle is a good idea. With the goal of clean... Read More
  6. How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

    The chemistry of the human body requires a balanced pH level to maintained good health, and many well-informed health experts... Read More
  7. How to Naturally Restore Vaginal pH and Solve Yeast Infection

    Itching, burning sensations or strange discharge can result if your vaginal pH is out of balance. This is important because... Read More
  8. Which System Regulates pH in the Body? Plus How to Restore Balance

    Disease thrives in an acidic environment, often due to chronic inflammation and fungal infection. For this reason, your body works... Read More
  9. How to Maintain or Restore a Healthy Body pH Balance

    Producing an alkaline environment in your body is highly desirable. Why? Because most viruses and bacteria cannot survive in an... Read More
  10. How Sugar Makes Your Body’s pH More Acidic

    We all know that processed sugar is bad for our health, but how does this impact your body’s pH? The... Read More

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