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alkalising - where to begin

Alkalising the Body: Where Do I Begin?

Alkalising the Body: Where Do I Begin?

Many of us appreciate the benefits of alkalising the body, but with such a wealth of information out there, we're left thinking: ‘Where do I begin?

Whether you are looking to maintain good health well into your sunset years, or are faced with a serious health challenge, the recommendations here will be helpful.

With any luck, they'll set you on the road to enjoy the benefits that a properly balanced body pH can bring.

Simple Steps to a More Alkaline Body

  1. Reduce as much as possible sugar from your diet. That includes cakes, biscuits, soft drinks and foods that have sugar added to them. Do not substitute with aspartame, saccharin or artificial sweeteners. If need be, use a natural sweetener such as xylitol.
  2. Avoid processed foods as far as possible, and especially processed meats and all pork products.
  3. Reduce your consumption of dairy products, and in particular strong cheeses and cream. Substitute with milk alternatives such as Oatly or Almond Milk.
  4. Reduce your consumption of wheat because of its high gluten content. Gluten is an allergen to very many people.
  5. Reduce your consumption of cheese, vinegars and alcoholic drinks.
  6. Take time to relax. High levels of stress over a prolonged period can result in the production of biochemicals which are acidifying on the body.

Beginners' Alkalising Supplement Regime

The following supplementation regime will help to move your body towards proper body pH balance. Individually, the products will bring benefit but the combined effect will be better than the individual sum of the separate parts.

  1. Drink plenty of Alkaline Antioxidant Water. Water should be your number one nutrient. Alkaline antioxidant water has numerous benefits including helping to flush excess acidity out of the body. You should drink at least two litres of this water every day.
  2. Take ‘greens’. Concentrated Green Superfood Blends are highly alkalising and supply the body with chlorophyll, minerals and phytonutrients. They are a great way to boost body pH, giving the body concentrated nutrition to build the blood and help with oxygen transfer. We recommend you take a serving of pHresh Greens first thing in the morning and then a serving of Green Vibrance Powder 45 minutes after a meal. The probiotics and digestive enzymes in Green Vibrance will give increased benefit as will the generous Vitamin D3 content, antioxidants and plant-based minerals.
  3. Take Alkamax, a powdered alkaline mineral supplement. Consume a 5g spoonful before retiring at night to boost your body’s reserves of alkaline minerals.
  4. Take Fulvic Restore, a natural source of trace minerals complexed with fulvic acid. They have antioxidant properties, aid detoxification and assimilation of nutrients. The food chain is becoming increasingly devoid of trace minerals and taking a fulvic acid supplement like Fulvic Restore is an easy way to give your body what it needs to function optimally.
  5. Take Flaxseed Oil. Most of us are deficient in omega-3 oils. Flaxseed Oil is the best vegetarian source and it is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, the brain and our joint health. It is also recommended for certain cancer treatment protocols.
  6. Use Himalayan Salt. Himalayan salt is a natural unprocessed salt with a wide range of trace minerals. Good salt is a necessary mineral for the body. It aids alkalising and supplies our cells with trace electrolytes.
  7. Take Vibrant Health Vitamin C. If our health is under stress we should give the body plenty of antioxidants. Super Natural C has a base of natural sources of vitamin C along with a wide range of other antioxidants. Another option for vitamin C is a sublingual supplement which dissolves under the tongue.
  8. Take Chia Seeds. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fats, protein and dietary fibre. They are particularly good for maintaining the regularity of the bowel which is very important and even more so when the body is needing to remove toxins. They are virtually tasteless and can be added to most foods or sprinkled on salads etc.

Recommended Servings

For week you should drink one litre per day of alkaline water and take half servings of the ‘greens’ and Alkamax.

From week two, increase your alkaline water intake to at least two litres per day and take full servings of greens and Alkamax.

Fulvic Restore should be started on week three at ½ serving and increased to a full serving on week four. All the other recommended products can be started at the recommended serving size from week one.

Prior to starting the regime, and during the first couple of weeks, you should monitor your daily urine and saliva pH levels. These will give you a benchmark of the current acidity/alkalinity of your body and allow you to monitor the effects of your new dietary regime. A packet of 80 free pH test strips will be included with the pack.

You may experience slight detoxification reactions during the first few days of this regime. These can include slight headaches, flu-like symptoms or loose bowel movements. If they are too unpleasant, scale back your supplementation and increase it slowly as your body dictates. We are all different and our responses can also be different in terms of progress.

Our alkaline water products and green superfood powders can help you on your journey to better body pH balance, a journey which leads to better health, improved immunity and higher energy.

By giving your body what it needs, it will respond positively. This programme will help to improve the condition of the blood, enabling better oxygen transfer. It will aid detoxification and supply a wide range of nutrients to improve body functioning at a cellular level. This will, in turn, boost your immunity, better equipping your body to be better able to heal itself.

These products are primarily food products and as Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.'

If you are on medication, you should of course discuss with your health adviser.

If you require any clarification, feel free to email us or call us on 01764 662111. We will be pleased to assist.