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antibiotic resistant drugs

Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs: What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?

The Chief Medical Officer has highlighted very forcefully the dangers we as a nation face due to the potential proliferation of antibiotic resistance towards bacteria.

It has now been stated quite categorically that there is nothing left in the armoury to destroy these ‘superbugs’.

I am sure the question in many people’s mind is: what can we do?

Antibiotic Overuse & Powerful Vested Interests

There is one fact in life that never changes – ‘We always reap what we sow’. Overuse of antibiotics in both people and animals has brought us to this place, where there is a major threat to humanity which, in the words of the Chief Medical Officer, is as great as the threat of terrorism.

The whole approach in medicine to killing germs or killing cancers is, in the view of a number of free-thinking doctors and researchers, seriously flawed. Unfortunately that is where the money has been and, consequently, powerful vested interests have followed the money: however, shortly humanity will have to reap the results of this ‘advance’ in medicine.

Our protection lies in maintaining our inner terrain so that it will not be a welcoming environment for harmful pathogens. Sadly there has been little emphasis on building people’s inner terrain, rather the emphasis has been on destroying any invader.

It is vitally important that we change our focus and begin to properly balance the pH of our blood and tissues so that they are then optimally oxygenated. By doing so, we will not only have better immunity to harmful pathogenic bacteria, but we will enjoy higher levels of energy and greater protection against degenerative disease. Modern diets, high levels of stress and environmental pollution has placed a heavy load on our bodies, often leading to stress on our body’s alkaline buffer systems.

Consequently, it is important for our immunity that we focus on improving and maintaining our body’s alkaline reserves and at the same time eliminating excess acidity from the body.

Antibiotic Resistance: What Can We Do?

There are many things we can do to protect ourselves including:

  1. Ensuring we drink plenty of healthy water to help to properly hydrate the body and flush out acidic toxins.
  2. Eat lots of ‘greens’ and take concentrated Green Supplements to help alkalise the body. Greens have a high chlorophyll content which helps to build healthy, well-oxygenated blood.
  3. Reduce our consumption of excess meat, dairy and sugars which directly and indirectly increase the acid load on the body. In particular, eliminate processed foods.
  4. Take plenty of good omega-3 oils. They are vitally important for the health of our cells, our immunity and our cardiovascular and neurological systems.
  5. Make sure you have an adequate supply of trace minerals. Our soils, and consequently our food, is increasingly trace nutrient deficient so it is necessary to supplement with a good trace mineral solution such as a fulvic-acid based natural mineral solution.
  6. Exercise and take time for relaxation.
  7. Consume probiotic-rich foods and/or high-strength probiotics to maintain gut bacterial diversity. Probiotics may reduce the risk for certain infectious diseases and thus reduce our dependence on antibiotics. They may also reduce the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, and may even reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance.

The above will give great support to your body, build your immunity so you'll be much less susceptible to infection and very significantly enhance your survival prospects if a superbug epidemic heads our way. We are seeing the results of fighting against nature, rather than working with it.

Above everything else, take personal responsibility for your health, because if you don’t, no-one else will. Incidentally, we have written a newer blog entitled Antibiotics are Not Answer (published October 2017), which you may find interesting. In it, we report on the warning from the Medical Journal of Australia that antibiotic overprescription could mean "deaths from currently treatable conditions overtake all cancer deaths by 2050." Roddy MacDonald