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Could You Be Suffering From Oxygen Deficiency?

Our bodies need oxygen. This vital element plays an essential part in the regulation of cell respiration, as well as allowing us to properly metabolize food and encouraging our bodies to eliminate toxic wastes. In fact, every single one of your body’s functions is in some way dependent on the presence of oxygen, and your vital organs require a near constant supply in order to function correctly. Oxygen is so important that it can be found in every protein, carbohydrate and water molecule in your body.

It’s responsible for energizing our cells, and it accounts for over 65% of our body’s mass.

Without sufficient oxygen, our cells stop functioning properly and our vital organs suffer as a result. We quickly become fatigued, and begin suffering from a variety of symptoms including:

  • Muscle ache
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Circulation problems
  • Poor digestion
  • Increased susceptibility to bacterial, viral and parasitic infections
  • Respiratory difficulty

Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to supply our bodies with the oxygen that they need. Pollution, toxic wastes and dust all work to reduce the oxygen content of the air we breathe, and the plankton and trees responsible for producing oxygen are being destroyed at an alarming rate

In addition to this, our unhealthy western diets are draining our dwindling oxygen stores by forcing us to expend the tremendous amounts of energy needed to metabolize complex compounds. As a result, increasingly large numbers of people are probably beginning to suffer from oxygen deficiency.

What is Oxygen Deficiency?

Oxygen deficiency can manifest itself in a number of ways, but the most important thing to remember is that, without plenty of oxygen, our body cannot properly metabolize the food that we eat.

As a result, people suffering from an oxygen deficiency often find that their body begins to store partially digested saturated fats and other harmful compounds, causing excessive weight gain and slightly lowering your body pH by packing your blood and cells with toxic, acid-forming chemicals.

This process knocks your body’s chemistry out of kilter, and creates the kind of toxic, low-oxygen environment in which bacteria and fungi thrive.

It is for this very reason that esteemed physiologist Arthur C. Guyton once said that “All chronic pain, suffering and disease can be linked to a lack of oxygen on a cellular level.” The fact that oxygen deficiency destroys your immune system and creates an environment in which harmful micro-organisms thrive also led Dr Harry Goldblatt to link a lack of oxygen to the development of cancerous cells.

How Can I Fight Oxygen Deficiency?

If you feel that you might not be providing your body with all the oxygen that it needs, and you’re worried that you might be prone to suffering from oxygen deficiency, you’re probably quite keen to start rectifying the problem. Modern technology has equipped us with all manner of tools capable of providing your body with the oxygen it needs to properly energize your cells, and begin restoring your body to good health.

You can flood your body with extra oxygen by adopting carefully formulated breathing exercises designed to increase your lung capacity and improve oxygen transfer in your bloodstream, begin inhaling bottled oxygen or start supplementing your diet with a stabilized oxygen supplement. Taking a stabilized oxygen supplement is an effective strategy to adopt, as it will allow you to nourish your body with extra oxygen as naturally as possible. Most oxygen supplements, like Oxyrev can just be added to a glass of water, and they take just seconds to use.

Oxyrev can provide your cells with a high concentration of oxygen that can be quickly assimilated, and set to work straight away. After using this supplement for a short while, your body should begin to respond in a positive manner and you will probably find that many of the symptoms that you've been suffering from begin to dissipate. 

Additionally, you should think about focusing on moving your diet and lifestyle towards a more alkalizing balance by eating mineral-rich greens and consuming alkaline water. This will help you to reduce acidity in the blood and tissues, which in turn will help to promote better oxygenation of your body.

If you’d like to talk about supplementing your body with an oxygen supplement, remember that you can always call us on 01764 662111. You can also learn more about the latest developments in health science by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, which normally contains an abundance of useful health tips and pertinent information..