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DHA and eye health

Easy Eye Exercises That Strengthen Your Vision

Easy Eye Exercises That Strengthen Your Vision

Many people use alternative treatments to improve health conditions of all kinds, including irritable bowel disease, skin problems, and chronic diseases. Why not use alternative methods to improve your eye health?

There are several exercises you can do to strength your eyes and improve your vision that don’t cost a thing and can be done anytime, anywhere!

The Bates Method and the Tibetan Eye Chart are two places to start.

Strengthen Your Eyes with The Bates Method

The Bates Method was designed by Dr. William H. Bates, author of The Brain’s Way of Healing, to naturally correct eyesight. Dr. Bathes’ method was so successful in correcting poor eyesight that he was kicked out of post-graduate medical school and banned from teaching his method in New York due to its ability to threaten the work of optometrists.

The Bates Method is based on the principle that the 6 muscles outside of your eye are strained too much, causing vision impairment. Squinting should never be done as this causes more strain on the eyes. Several exercises can be done to relax these muscles; the most popular being “palming.”

Exercise 1: Palming To practice “palming,” close your eyes and clear your mind while focusing on the clarity of your vision. Be mindful of your surroundings. Place your palms on your eyes and relax your entire body. You may even wish to lay your forehead down. Gently use the force of your palms to help relax your eyes. It may help to picture your eyes forming a relaxed, round shape. When you open your eyes, you should experience clearer vision even if it’s only briefly.

Exercise 2: The Bates Long Swing

The Bates Long Swing is another popular exercise that can be used to strengthen your eye muscles. The purpose of the Bates Long Swing is to promote brain relaxation, which helps improve vision.

To perform the Bates Long Swing, simply close your eyes and gently sway your body back and forth in a rhythmic motion. This gentle movement is very relaxing. By closing your eyes and relaxing them, you should be able to rest them enough to promote better vision when you open them again.

Exercise 3: Focus on Blue

The last thing the Bates Method asks you to do to improve your vision is to mediate while focusing on the colors black and blue to mimic darkness. Being able to perceive darkness while your eyes are open is a trick that may help you become more mindful.

In his book, Yogic Management of Common Diseases, Bihar Munger states that by closing the eyes and envisioning darkness stimulates the third eye chakra. Opening the third eye through mediation allows you to strengthen your eyesight by identifying what is causing the vision impairment in the first place.

What is the Tibetian Eye Chart?

The Tibetian eye chart is a chart that hangs on the wall. Created by Tibetan Lama Monks, it was designed to strengthen the muscles of the eye as well as the optic nerves.

The Tibetans believed that diet, personal relationships, weather and physical health are all factors that can impair vision.

You can purchase a Tibetian eye chart online or even print a picture of it off the internet.

To use, hang it on a wall in front of you so that your nose is centered with the chart. Start by touching the center of the chart with your nose. While your nose is touching the center of the chart, allow your eyes to trace the outside of each arm of the figure. Be sure not to move your head. Use your eyes to trace the dots in a circular, clockwise motion. After you have finished tracing all shapes on the chart, rest and blink your eyes.

This exercise can be repeated as many times as needed. When you’re finishing, be sure to rest your eyes completely. You may even want to “palm” your eyes or close them for awhile.

Fueling Your Eyes with Vitamins

In addition to exercising your eyes, you will need to fuel them properly for optimal vision!

According to a London study published in Eye, supplementing with vitamins A, C and E may help protect retina and lens health, which often suffers from oxidative damage.

Zinc also has a role in retinal metabolism and may be able to reduce the rate of macular degeneration.

Selenium is another important antioxidant that can be taken to improve eye health as well as omega 3 fatty acids, which aid brain function.

Uno Cardio Active Mind + Vision Complex meets all your brain and eye health care needs. In addition to supplementing with the proper nutrients, be sure to perform eye exercises daily to improve vision, reduce headaches and improve concentration levels.