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Fulvic Acid - Is This The New Wonder Supplement?

Fulvic Acid - Is This The New Wonder Supplement?

Fulvic Acid - The New Wonder Supplement?

You may be aware of the way that oil and coal were formed. Millions of years of gradual compression of forests and organic material. Water and soil forcing the organic matter into decayed concentrated solids. Aside from oil and coal, humic shale was also formed. Humic shale can be likened to the end product of decomposition, i.e. compost. A forest full of nutrition is concentrated into a fraction of it’s size, but the nutrition is preserved.

The genetic information and antioxidants still remain.

Scientists have extracted the smallest particle of this humid shale, which is known as fulvic acid. The tiny fulvic acid molecules are high in carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, all vital parts of the composition of the human body.

A single molecule of folic acid has a staggering 14 tetra trillion electrons that it can donate (14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!). They are therefore mini free radical thirst quench centres.

They are so minuscule that they can pass any internal human barrier. It can even be described as a micro-nano molecule. Fulvic acid can carry nutrients to any tissue, and any cell. It can work inside and outside of any cell, and most impressively can penetrate the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the power generator for each cell.

Cellular Activity

The mitochondria completes an energy cycles to produce electricity that sparks the cell into action. A carbon - hydrogen bond is split during this process, producing energy but also leaving fragments of carbon and hydrogen behind in the cell, as free radicals. Dr Daniel Nuzum offers a metaphor here:

“In essence, it’s kind of like if you had a wood stove and you burnt wood in the stove for a week and never cleaned the ash out. Eventually the wood is full of ash and you can’t burn anything”.

This suffocation by free radicals can cause the cells to essentially suffocate and die. Fulvic acid, with it’s many electrons, can convert these useless fragments of particles back to nutrition, cleaning out the trash from the cells. It refreshes the cells back to their former glory - so in essence is anti-aging in nature. This makes fulvic acid unique in its capabilities.

It is able to carry electricity, and enhance the electrical capacity of the cells. It can deliver nutrition to the very heart of any cell, and then remove waste and excrete it from the body. Delivery and disposal, plus a boost of electrical capacity in one infinitesimal molecule.

Why have we not heard about Fulvic Acid before?

The question remains then, why we are not all being prescribed fulvic acid as a supplement to take daily if it can benefit our bodies so drastically?

Sadly the answer lies in the politics of medicine. Large pharmaceutical companies have a lucrative business in prolonging life, masking symptoms and managing disease. Every month that that they can sell their medicine is simply another sale to them, overlooking how many people they may have helped or may not be helping as can be seen with the long list of side effects their drugs cause.

Natural remedies cannot be patented, and as a result these forms of treatment are not widely celebrated in the medical world as to put it bluntly - they are just not profitable for pharmaceutical companies, no matter whether it is the right thing for our health.

You Can Self-Supplement Fulvic Acid

The good news is that you do not have to wait for your doctor to start telling you where to get hold of fulvic acid from as fulvic acid is available to buy in easily digestible forms from many health stores, including our own online shop.

It could certainly be worth including in your supplement regime as there is lots of research available to study regarding the health benefits, with only a small selection discussed here.

With it’s strong links to killing cancerous cells, maybe fulvic acid is the supplement to help us all prevent it.

To find more information on Fulvic Restore, click on the link.