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what is the importance of dietary fibre

Lack of Alkaline Minerals leading to Acidosis with Negative Disease Consequences

One of the major causes of acidosis is due to a lack of alkaline minerals in the body resulting in the body being unable to neutralise acids of metabolism. This is compounded if our diets comprise excess foods which leave an acid residue, which unfortunately typical modern diets do to excess. Unfortunately our soils are become bereft of many trace minerals.

This is due to intensive agriculture and intensive food processing is resulting in further stripping of beneficial minerals from our foods, leaving us with ‘stuff’ which is food in name only. It is not surprising that the growth of acidosis related diseases is growing alarmingly.

The following is a quote from a very informative book by Marie-France Muller, M.D., N.D., PhD. The final paragraph gives a resume of some of the manifestations of acidosis.

The Damage Caused By Acidosis

Much research has shown that acidosis (a condition of reduced alkalinity of the blood and bodily tissues) is the source of aging, cardio vascular problems, cancer, and a large number of degenerative diseases. Of course, our bodies strive ceaselessly to maintain a correct acid-alkaline balance (pH). While deficiency of essential minerals will push bodily fluids towards acidification, our cells-anabolites- secrete metabolic acid wastes called catabolites.

Anabolism is the activity that creates the building blocks of the body, in short it is the transformation of nutritive substances into living tissue. Catabolism is the process consisting of the breakdown of the nutrients that are necessary for the creation of energy and the maintenance of life; it is essentially the transformation into energy of materials assimilated by the tissues. Catabolism, however, frees acids and can release them in excessive amounts, especially when we eat too many acidifying foods.

When the body is in an acidified state, the hematia – the red blood cells- use only 5 to 10 per cent of their carrying capacity to transport oxygen to cells. The acids constantly generated by our metabolic functions must be quickly neutralised by alkaline minerals; if they are not our teeth and bones pay the consequences, and our natural immune system may well collapse. When this neutralising cannot occur, or occurs insufficiently because of mineral deficiency, decalcifications, osteoporosis, skin and hair problems, tooth decay, sciatica, depression, spasmophilia, muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, various digestive disorders, ulcerations, intestinal microlesions, anal burning, gingivitis, various allergies, conjunctivitis, recurring headaches, painful menstrual periods, cellular aging and so on are among the disorders that are likely to make an appearance.

We will never enjoy optimum health until we deal with the acidosis problem.

What is absolutely clear that if we are to enjoy optimum health, we have got to address the acidosis problem. That means consuming much more alkaline foods, focusing on their nutrient value. Unfortunately many people scanning the nutritional content of foods focus on the calorific value rather than the nutrient content. Frequently these are just empty calories.

Some of the experts at the forefront of nutritional health believe it is now very difficult to get all the nutrients we need from our food supply, we need to supplement. However supplementation needs to be done carefully with a focus on plant based nutrition, because that will be better assimilated in the body.

Good greens products such as Green Vibrance powder offer great alkaline nutrient density, being grown organically and processed at low temperatures to conserve nutrient value. Another great way to supply the body with trace minerals is Fulvic Restore. This mineral solution is extracted from ancient plant minerals with a water only extraction process. Its benefit to the body is multi factorial helping to reduce acidosis, giving your body good antioxidant protection and aiding detoxification. It goes a long way to providing the body with the alkaline trace elements the body needs to not only function but to enjoy high levels of wellbeing.

 Dr Muller states it very succinctly in her book- ‘Minerals are essential catalysts that allow vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients to perform their necessary roles in the body and promote proper mental function. Simply taking standard mineral supplements may not correct imbalances we experience because our bodies are designed to best absorb and use minerals that are in a colloidal form- that is the soluble suspended state in which plants absorb minerals from the soil, Colloidal mineral supplements can increase vitality and strengthen the immune system because 98 per cent of the supplement is incorporated into the body as opposed to the 3 to 5 per cent absorption of standard mineral supplements’

Frequently people firstly focus on taking a multi vitamin, whereas the first step should be to supply the body with its requirement for alkaline and trace minerals, then it will be better able to utilise vitamins. Trace Minerals are implicated in so many enzymatic reactions, we need to supply the body with what it needs. It will help to reduce the acidosis problem with its damaging consequences and set the body on a course for high energy, high immunity and a better ability to withstand the plague of degenerative diseases all around us.