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Living Water is Life

Living Water is Life

We are excited to introduce a brand new range of water revitalization products from Natural Action Technologies. 

Natural Action Technologies is a US company whose core team of owners and developers have over 100 years of engineering development experience with custom technologies. Their water revitalizers are designed to emulate Nature through motion and materials.

Water Vortices have long been known as water’s way of self-cleaning and energising itself and the environment. Natural Action utilises a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water. By its unique and innovative design, a special dual or double helix vortex is induced into the water. 

This Natural ionization provides water vitality and structured water the way Nature intended -  mountain spring quality water!

The following videos introduce the concepts behind Natural Action Technology products.

1. What is living water? 

What’s the difference between water that just satisfies thirst, versus water that actively imparts life?

 2. About Natural Action Technologies

Find out more about Natural Action Technologies and their unique approach to water.

3. About Water & Flowforms

Learn about the importance of the natural structure, movement and flow of water.

 4. What is Crystallography?

When water is structured as nature intended it takes the form of a crystal. This fascinating video explains further.

We sell a range of Natural Action Technology products: Undersink units, Whole Home unit, Shower Unit and Portable Unit. All these units revitalize the water to bring you mountain spring quality water - Water the way Nature intended. You can see the range here.