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#One Small Healthy Change Part 1: Simple Dietary Food Swaps

#One Small Healthy Change Part 1: Simple Dietary Food Swaps

Change can be hard. Most of us develop a daily routine and quickly get comfortable in it. We eat the same foods, perform the same exercises, and go to bed much later than we should.

But luckily, you don’t have to change overnight. In fact, we don’t want you to!

Long term changes need to be made slowly for them to be effective. Forcing or rushing a change over a short period of time usually ends in disappointment.

So for the entire month of February, we are going to provide you with tips on how to make one small healthy change at a time. By the end of the month, you should have four new ideas for small changes that can make a big impact on your health.

Tip #1: Alkalize Your Body By Swapping Out Unhealthy Foods

Our first tip includes how to make small dietary changes that will alkalize (or remove toxins from) your body. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your favorite foods. However, limiting the amount you eat or even swapping them out for a healthier version can be just as satisfying.

Food Swap Example #1 Sugar

  Most people seem to have a weakness for sweets. But it doesn’t take much to turn most of your favorite sweet treats into a healthier version without sacrificing taste.

Instead of indulging in store bought sweets, try making your own at home. Not only do you get the satisfaction of enjoying your own creation, you also get to control the ingredients.

Refined white sugar can be replaced with raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar. Apple cider vinegar is another great alternative to sugar in baked dishes as it is made from organically grown apples and contains toxin clearing enzymes.

Food Swap #2: Oil

Cooking at home also allows you to pick out your oil. Vegetable oils are popular for cooking in restaurants because they are cheap. But they are also full of genetically modified ingredients that may be causing a toxin buildup in your body.

You can replace the vegetable oil that is found in most baked goods for a high quality virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is high in anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties. It also has a great flavor that adds a creamy touch to any dish!

Food Swap Example #3 Eggs

If you have been trying to eat more plants and less meat but can’t seem to replace eggs in baked dishes, we have got you covered. Did you know that you can swap out your eggs for water and chia seeds?

To make vegan eggs, combine one tablespoon of chia seeds and three tablespoons of water. Let the mixture sit for around 15 minutes. You should be left with a fantastic binding agent that is 100 percent vegan and full of important omega fatty acids.

Food Swap #4: Alkaline Water

It may not seem like it, but tap water may contain a large amount of toxins that may be building up in your body. Alkaline water is a better option because it is high in alkalizing minerals to help clear toxins from causing inflammation in the body.

We have two suggestions for clearing toxins from your water. First, you can invest in a water filter system for your entire house, like the Energy Plus Home Filtration Water System. This would ensure that you are not absorbing toxins from washing your hands, bathing, or washing your clothes.

If you want to try something simple, check out an alkaline water jug system by Biocera or the AHA Water Bottle.

Food Swap #5: Green Food Supplements

It’s challenging for many of us to get in the required daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. But our health depends on the nutrients from fruits and vegetables to keep us healthy, prevent chronic disease, and maximize the processes of metabolism, absorption, and digestion.

If you’re having trouble eating your vegetables, consider drinking them in a green food supplement like Phresh Greens. Look for a supplement that comes in powdered form, which is easy to add to water or another beverage of your choice.

The benefit of using a powdered form supplement is that it is easily absorbed into the blood stream. So you get the powerful alkalizing benefits of fruits and vegetables instantly. Try replacing alongside a healthy breakfast, adding in a green food supplement. It’s one way to better how you feel for the rest of the day, especially if you struggle to eat well for the rest of the day.

Remember these are small changes for better health, and just one like this could really help you feel more energetic, have clearer less congested skin and so much more!

Did we inspire you to make one small healthy change today? If so, we would love to hear from you! Visit our Facebook page and share which #one small healthy change you will be making!