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Probiotic Powder for Alzheimer’s Disease and Stress

Probiotic Powder for Alzheimer’s Disease and Stress

Probiotic products have ridden a wave of acclaim in recent years, their health benefits coming to light like never before.

One need only look cursorily in the dairy section of their local supermarket, where row after row of probiotic yoghurts and drinks sit side-by-side.

But how can probiotics enhance our wellbeing?

Probiotic Powder for Stress and Anxiety

This month alone, studies have revealed probiotics to be useful in reducing stress, lessening anxiety, reducing blood sugar levels and even improving the thinking and memory of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

These in addition to the already acknowledged probiotic benefits to the immune and digestive systems.

The latest tranche of findings, which shows that eating probiotic yoghurts could help alleviate stress and anxiety, came out of a study conducted by the University of Missouri.

In it, scientists analysed the behaviour of two groups of zebrafish. Only one group were given doses of a common bacteria found in probiotic supplements, and thereafter conditions in the fish tanks were altered to simulate stress – small amounts of water were drained from the tank, leading to overcrowding.

A study of gene pathways led scientists to discover that the fish which had been given probiotics showed a marked reduction in stress. ‘Essentially, bacteria in the gut altered the gene expression associated with stress and anxiety-related pathways,’ said lead researcher Daniel Davis.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t a zebrafish: but the news is undeniably compelling. Particularly when you hear the next part. The movements of the test subjects were measured using imaging tools, and revealed that the probiotic fish spent more time near the top of the tank – a sure sign of diminished anxiety.

Probiotics for Alzheimer's

Another clinical trial linking probiotics to improved memory for those battling Alzheimer’s is perhaps of greater note, not least because it involved people rather than, well, zebrafish.

In the trial, subjects who drank a daily dose of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria for 12 weeks showed improvements on tests measuring cognitive impairment.

By comparison, individuals who did not consume a probiotic showed no improvement – and in fact a decline – in cognitive function.

‘This is the first time that probiotic supplementation has been shown to benefit cognition in cognitively impaired humans,’ noted Professor Mahmoud Salami from Kashan University, who carried out the research along with the Islamic Azad University in Tehran.

So what does all this mean? Evidently that there’s never been a better time to look at your intake of probiotics.

Green Vibrance – A Mean, Green, Probiotic-Packed Machine

One of the best probiotic-rich supplements is Green Vibrance, an award-winning, plant-based superfood. Green Vibrance is a blend of nutritious vegetables, algae and fruit, fortified with a generous dose of 25 billion friendly probiotics per serving.

The 12 strains of probiotic help to assure a healthy gastrointestinal tract, break down proteins for smooth assimilation and facilitate the transportation of minerals and B-vitamins across the intestinal mucosa. The 'good' bacteria also play a key role in reducing quantities of ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut.

Other ingredients in Green Vibrance such as chlorophyll and organic acacia gum fibre feed the probiotics, ensuring improved functioning of the digestive system and entailing a range of added benefits.

Constant Evolution

Its substantial probiotic content is reason enough to use Green Vibrance, but the supplement is also packed with organic and wild harvested greens, not to mention antioxidant herbs, enzymes and vitamins.

Indeed, the dynamic formulation has evolved throughout the last twenty years and is now one of the most nutritionally-dense on the market.

While we believe Green Vibrance is the most probiotic-rich food supplement on the market, if you'd rather pop a high-strength probiotic, we recommend Progurt.

Progurt contains an unprecedented 1 trillion megadose of probiotic bacteria per serving, from human-derived isolates. Bacteria cultivated, in other words, from a healthy human source. It is the combination of Progurt's unique provenance and high strength that makes it the number one choice of probiotic in the world today.


If probiotics have a PR man, then he surely deserves a raise. The positivity enfolding probiotics continues to warrant attention, and whether you’re keen to bolster your immune system or simply attain better health, it would seem logical to factor probiotics into your diet. Your body will thank you.