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pure colloidal silver

Pure Colloidal Silver in the Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Recently, the BBC reported that Jose Ruben Morones-Ramirez of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Boston University has confirmed that there is scientific evidence to back up the claim that silver nano-particles could be used to bolster the effectiveness of a great many common antibiotics; welcome news to many after Professor Sally Davies’ recent comments about the alarming growth of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs,’ which we discussed in an earlier blog post on the subject.

Ramirez’s report highlights the ability of silver nano-particles to disrupt the natural biochemical processes of most bacteria, before pointing out that its inclusion in antibiotic pills or vaccines could help to weaken a number of harmful pathogens by denaturing their RNA, making them much more susceptible to attack from naturally produced antibodies.

Of course, those of us that pay attention to developments in alternative medicine will find this relatively unsurprising: Hippocrates was prescribing silver as a remedy to most bacterial infections as early as 300 BC, and pure colloidal silver sprays have been used to successfully treat a variety of ailments since their invention at the beginning of the 20th century.

A Number of Studies Demonstrate That Pure Colloidal Silver has an Inhibitory Effect on Most known Bacteria

Instead of asking whether or not silver can improve the performance of antibiotics,’ we should be asking whether we need the antibiotics at all. The evidence seems to suggest that we don’t:

According to a scientific paper published by wellnessresources.com., silver nano-particles can bind to the cell membranes of most bacteria; causing structural changes in bacterial cell walls, intracellular divides and nuclear membranes that make it significantly easier for your body to quickly locate and eliminate infections before they can establish a hold.

Another, more conclusive study published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012, also demonstrates that the silver nano-particles provided by pure colloidal silver sprays can inhibit important protein functions in most bacteria, including biosynthesis, gene expression, energy production and nitrification.

Pure Colloidal Silver Sprays are the Most Readily Accessible Source of Silver Nano-Particles

Given these findings, it’s no surprise that the well-informed among us are increasingly turning towards silver nano-particles as a means of fighting infection; it’s essentially risk free as long as you take a few basic precautions.

Probably the best way to benefit from the use of it is to start using pure colloidal silver sprays, which are probably the most effective sources of pure colloidal silver. These beneficial health products produce a silver colloid, which is a substance that consists of ultra-fine silver particles suspended in distilled water. This colloid can be sprayed into the mouth, onto the skin or onto any other surface around the home to immediately begin the process of combating any unpleasant bacteria that may be present.

Good colloidal sprays also come with the added benefit of tourmaline balls, which alkalize the distilled water that’s used to carry silver nano-particles, and increase its absorbability. Thanks to their expertise in the field of bioceramic minerals, Biocera's silver spray is a particularly good example of this.

Because bacteria cannot form a resistance to pure colloidal silver, these sprays make a very good replacement for antibiotics, which are slowly losing their effectiveness over time thanks to over-use. Their lack of toxicity in relation to human cells and enzymes also make them perfect for external application, and a number of studies show that they can be very useful in disinfecting cuts, grazes and even burns.

Like all things though, it’s important to remember that pure colloidal silver should be used in moderation. There are some concerns that the excessive consumption of pure colloidal silver, and while it has been proven that regular doses of properly prepared colloidal silver have a negligible impact on the proper functioning of your body’s bio-chemistry, it is probably best to ensure that you limit your use of pure colloidal silver to one or two oral doses a week.