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Red Marine Algae for HPV and Other Viruses

Red Marine Algae for HPV and Other Viruses

Homeopathic remedies for health complaints large and small are easy to find these days, although the same old sceptics continue to shout down any claims that a natural – rather than pharmaceutical – product may be of any use in alleviating illness.

This is the case throughout the world given the many-tentacled influence of Big Pharma.

In this article, we aim to discuss red marine algae, which has been suggested as a potent natural treatment for HPV (human papillomavirus) as well as other viruses.

What is Red Marine Algae?

Marine life is a veritable treasure trove of natural medicine, and red marine algae is no exception: the ocean-growing macro-algae is in fact commonly touted as a ‘therapeutic food’.

A sea vegetable that is part of the Rhodophyta class, it has been a staple in the diets of Eastern civilisations for thousands of years.

A plentiful source of protein, vitamins, trace minerals and fibre, red marine algae is also high in antioxidants, which help to power up our immune systems to combat free radical damage.

Although red marine algae, in its dried form, is a popular snack throughout Asia, it is perhaps better known – at least to we westerners – for its medicinal properties.

In this regard it is similar to other popular algae spirulina and chlorella, although its effects are very different: the blue-green algae are best-known as heavy metal detoxifiers.

What is Red Marine Algae Used For?

Like many other marine organisms, red marine algae appears to have significant medicinal properties in the form of bioactive compounds – hence its use in Chinese medicine since ancient times.

The antiviral compounds of red marine algae are particularly noteworthy. Carrageenans in red marine algae, for instance, are thought to ramp up interferon production in the immune system.

Interferons are proteins dispatched by cells to meet the advance of intruding viruses, inhibiting the ability of said virus to replicate and cause damage.

Carrageenans also increase the productivity of T and B-cells which destroy cells already infected with a virus.

Because of this, red marine algae is considered by some to be a powerful preventative measure against everything from yeast infections and shingles to serious viruses like HPV and Epstein-Barr.

As well as evidence in the form of testimonies from many sufferers of such conditions, there have been several scientific trials conducted assessing the algae’s protective effects.

Typically present in both red and purple sea algae, carrageenan consists of numerous polysaccharides, carbohydrates whose molecules comprise bonded sugar molecules.

One group of these, sulfated polysaccharides, contains sulfur – and it is this particular group to which we can credit many of RMA’s most appreciable benefits.

The broad spectrum medicinal attributes of sulfated polysaccharides include those which are anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-coagulant, antiviral and antioxidant in nature.

Given that the human body can develop resistance to specific anti-viral drugs prescribed by a doctor, many people suffering from HPV, HSV and other viruses have experimented with red marine algae – an entirely natural product – to avoid this outcome.

Red Marine Algae: Natural Antiviral Support

Manufactured by Californian supplement company Vibrant Health, whose products include best-selling greens formula Green Vibrance, Red Marine Algae contains sulfated polysaccharides isolated from one particular strain of red marine algae called Gigartina skottsbergii.

The sulfated polysaccharide content in the Gigartina supplement is concentrated up to a minimum of 30%, with four capsules delivering one gram of the alga, at least 300mg of which is immune-boosting sulfated polysaccharides.

All without the use of excipients or fillers of any kind.

Gigartina skottsbergii is a highly rare species and the best source of supplemental sulfated polysaccharides currently known.

The species has been shown to inhibit both herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and also type 2 (Carlucci et al. 1999, 2004).

As well as concentrated gigartina, Vibrant Health’s red marine algae contains plant sterols and sterolins, complexes which stimulate the human immune response in conjunction with the carrageenans themselves.

These botanical agents mean Red Marine Algae offers a two-pronged response, making it an ideal natural therapy for herpes viruses and others: both to alleviate symptoms of the infection and eradicate the virus/prevent symptom recurrence.

Red Marine Algae is available in bottles containing 60 vegetable capsules; the recommended serving is two capsules daily on an empty stomach.

As well as the aforementioned elements, Gigartina contains small quantities of trace minerals from the sea, including sodium, potassium, iodine and iron.

Because it is naturally assimilated and easily absorbed into the body, Red Marine Algae provides fast-acting nutritional support to those wishing to rid themselves of nasty unwanted viruses.

Do not be compelled by inferior RMA supplements containing lower-grade algae and cheap excipients. (Many ointments also contain an abundance of chemicals.)


Red marine algae is by far the best naturopathic treatment for HPV, although other remedies have also shown promise, including apple cider vinegar applied topically.

The important thing is to support your body and your immune system and, if necessary, to work alongside your healthcare practitioner or naturopathic doctor/nutritionist to assess your situation.

It is worth reiterating: do not be tempted by inferior red marine algae supplements known to contain lower-grade algae and worthless excipients!

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