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4 Valid Reasons to Reduce Your Smartphone Use

Phone addiction can ruin relationships, sabotage communication and possibly even cause cancer.

This very modern form of addiction is becoming increasingly common and affects various aspects of life.

To sum it up, your relationships with yourself and your loved ones are most at risk. Phones prevent us from being present, causing us to miss out on important opportunities that are only presented to us when we look up from our smartphone.

When you take your phone out of the equation, you may find yourself both happier and healthier.

Focus on Being Healthy and Present

The next time you are walking down a crowded street or taking the bus, put down your phone long enough to observe your surroundings. You will likely see that everyone is on their phones.

This is the perfect opportunity to practice being mindful and present. Use that time to think about the things you want to change in your own life.

Here are some suggestions to help get you thinking about what you might like to change to feel happier and healthier when you have more time to do so.

1. Healthy Snacks

Advertisements on our phones have a sneaky way of getting us to eat bad foods. While scrolling down your news feed, you are more likely to see an advertisement for McDonald’s than you are for a healthy snack.

Putting down your phone not only stops those subliminal messages; it also gives you time to think up some new healthy snacks recipes.

Focus your new recipe around your favourite healthy foods. Chia seeds can be used in homemade crackers, as a substitute for eggs in vegan dishes, and in energy bars. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help with heart and brain health.

Other great healthy snack ideas include oatcakes and peanut butter, lettuce wraps, bell pepper with guacamole, cottage cheese with flaxseeds, blueberries… the list is endless!

2. Consider a Detox

Toxins accumulate in our bodies from many different sources – and your phone may be one of them.

Along with a poor diet, stress plays a role in chronic inflammation that weakens the body’s immune system and allows acidosis, or an imbalance in the pH levels of your blood, to occur.

Acidosis occurs when toxins build up in our tissues and causes unwanted symptoms or even chronic diseases. While you are detoxing yourself from your phone, consider detoxing your body as well.

You may benefit both physically and mentally from taking a break from things that stress you out. De-stress yourself by committing to not looking at your phone for the entire duration of your cleanse. In place of technology, take a hot soak in a bath at night with your favourite essential oils.

Once your detox is over, resist going back to your old habits. You can incorporate products into your diet that help you remain toxin free, such as Organic Matcha Tea, which acts as an internal cleanser to prevent toxins from being absorbed into the gut.

While you may allow yourself to resume phone activity after your detox, limit the amount of time you are exposed to technology. Remember that this causes stress in your body, which may be responsible for weight gain, acne and poor sleeping patterns.

3. Cook Healthy Meals with Your Loved Ones

Food brings people together; phones pull us apart. The best thing you can do for the family you have been neglecting by being on your phone too much, is spend time with them. Start in the kitchen!

Eating healthy is a great way to teach yourself some new cooking skills while also being proactive about your health. Concentrate on making small changes, such as replacing canola oil with organic coconut oil when cooking.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that may be able to help you lose weight, improve cholesterol levels, kill bacteria and viruses, and boost brain power.

Get picky about the salt you use because they are not all created equally. While regular table salt has been bleached and stripped of its minerals, Himalayan pink salt is a detoxifying agent that works to clean your system of harmful toxins by acting as an antioxidant.

Himalayan pink salt is also high in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, chloride and potassium. It has trace amounts of boron, iodine, zinc, fluoride, copper and selenium. Small changes to your diet such as these can make a big difference in your health.

4. Breathe and Move More

Yoga and other breathing exercises are a great way to spend time with your family while teaching you how to check in with yourself. Even if you don’t join a gym or yoga centre, have your family gather together and go through 5 to 10 minutes of breathing exercises with them each day.

Take your mindfulness one step further by walking to a local park and discussing what you see along the way.

Focusing on your health is an important step in breaking your phone addiction. How do you prevent your phone from controlling your life? Share with us on Facebook!