Dr James DiNicolantonio’s bestselling book The Salt Fix rigorously and successfully challenges the low-salt myth which has been a staple of health policy for decades.

An experienced cardiovascular research scientist, Dr DiNicolantonio cogently explains why the advice to reduce our salt intake was based not only on wrongheaded perceptions but – most egregiously – on bad science.

As well as demonstrating that the benefits of reducing salt have been dramatically overstated and oversold, the author bemoans that we have completely ignored the health risks associated with such a move. These include, but are not limited to, increases in renin, aldosterone, triglycerides, cholesterol, LDL, insulin and heart rate.

Clocking in at 258 pages (including 49 pages of clinical references), The Salt Fix exhaustively taps into decades of research to underscore the dangers of blindly believing ‘inherited wisdom’ and, rather than showing that salt is one of the causes of chronic disease worldwide, it illustrates ways in which salt could actually be a solution to many widespread conditions.

Rather than review the book, we felt it best to select some excerpts which give an insight into what you can expect. It is an eye-opening volume that deserves to be read cover to cover, and hopefully these snippets will whet the appetite.