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Therapeutic Efficiency of Humic Acids in Intoxications

Therapeutic Efficiency of Humic Acids in Intoxications

Humins, humic and fulvic acids represent molecules with complex structures. These compounds comprising humic substances (HS) exist naturally in soil, brown coal, peat, and water. They are formed during the decomposition and transformation of organic matter (animal and plant remains) and their formation explains several theories. Within their chemical structures, there are numerous phenolic and carboxyl groups and their derivatives that affect their different properties, such as their solubility in water or their absorption of cations or mycotoxins. The manifold chemical structure of HS alters their polyelectrolyte character and thus their chelating efficiency. For many years, HS have been studied due to their detoxification, anti-, and pro-inflammatory or anticancer and antiviral ability. This article summarizes the antioxidant and adsorption properties of humic acids, highlighting their usefulness in intoxications. 

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