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Your Summertime Natural Health Essentials

Your Summertime Natural Health Essentials

Many people take a multivitamin and mineral supplement all year round. Those who do not take these typically concentrate on winter to stock up on health supplies to avoid the dreaded winter cold. Summer also poses some unique challenges to our bodies which we should not forget to address. The items discussed below are useful to have on hand for this time of year.

Uno Cardio Omega Oils

Around 100,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the UK per year with most of these being assumed to result from too much time in the summer sun. During the summer holidays, many of us spend some time outdoors on the beaches or playing our favourite sports, which is a great way to top up vitamin D levels naturally and without having to supplement, but too much sun can be just as dangerous as too little.

Researchers at the University of Manchester have found that the regular consumption of omega 3 fish oils, like Uno Cardio 1000, can help to protect the skin from sun damage and the possibility of sun-induced cancer. They stressed that people should not use fish oils as a substitute for sunscreen, but their study volunteers who took both together suffered less sun damage than those who used sunscreen alone.

They further found that omega 3 oil reduced sunlight-induced suppression of the immune system, known as immunosuppression, which impairs the body’s ability to fight skin cancer and infection. This can give parents the extra peace of mind when they know their kids may forget to apply sunscreen regularly enough. Many people are also quite bad at applying sunscreen evenly across the body, always missing out a spot or two. These are the spots most at risk of suffering potentially cancerous sun damage.

UnoCardio 1000 is a popular omega 3 fish oil supplement which has been independently verified as the best fish oil supplement of 50 tested. It contains 1200 mg of EPA and DHA, the two important forms of omega 3, which is the most potent per capsule omega 3 fish oil supplement on the UK market. In addition, your muscles and immune system will get a boost from the vitamin D3 that it includes. In fact, for the over 35s who play a bit rougher than usual during the summer holidays, especially with the sporty kids,

Quattro Cardio includes omega 3 fish oil and both vitamins d3 and k2 for some bone support. If you are already taking a multivitamin and you want only pure omega 3 without the vitamins, Uno Cardio X2 will suffice.

Biocera Alkaline Water Jug

Whether you take the kids to the beach or swimming in your local pool, or whether you work outdoors or in a non-air-conditioned space during the summer, you will overheat and perspire more than you do during the winter. Your body needs your help to maintain a healthy temperature and to remain hydrated. Dehydration impairs both your physical and mental functioning, and at high level can become fatal.

Too many people have become accustomed to running into the nearest shop for a few bottles of water. Not only is this water packaged in plastic bottles that may leach unhealthy chemicals into the water, but they also may not be as healthy as their names suggest. With all its fluoride, heavy metals from water pipes, hormones from poor recycling, and even pesticides from the soil, tap water is no better.

The Biocera Alkaline Water Jug uses good alkaline minerals to increase the alkalinity of the water, which helps your body to maintain the natural alkalinity of its blood and organs and is free of the aforementioned chemicals.

It is well understood in the scientific community that acidic bodies are substantially less healthy than alkaline ones. Moreover, the jug adds some essential bone and muscle supporting minerals to your water and thereby aids your musculoskeletal development and maintenance. It uses antibacterial ceramic balls to remove heavy metals from the water, it uses activated carbon granules to absorb chlorine and organic compounds from the water, and thereby creates healthy water of which you can drink large amounts without harming your health.

One jug takes 1.5 litres of water, so they can easily be carried around and filled up as needed. One filter lasts for approximately 350 litres of water and would, thus, not have to be replaced too often. Best of all, when compared with the price of the bottled water you buy constantly, it is a lot cheaper than you think.

Organic Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil is a plant sauce of omega 3 and vitamin E which the health community uses for a variety of purposes, from reducing roughness on the skin, to increasing the shininess of hair, to oiling the joints, to the usual heart and healthy cholesterol benefits that all omega 3 oils carry.

It is especially useful to nut-eating vegans who need to increase their omega 3 intake to around twice that of their omega 6 intake to prevent the omega 6 from hampering their bodies' ability to use the omega 3 and for keeping inflammation in check.

Since summer time is chilled food time, there is no shortage of ideas for using flax seed oil as a good tasty omega 3 source. You can add it to your smoothies and yogurt for a slight nutty taste. It even tastes good as a butter substitute on toast. For a good creamy alkaline cracker dip, mix umeboshi plums, silken tofu, flaxseed oil, and garlic in a blender until it is creamy. This also works well as a dressing on a green salad. Alternatively, mix it with apple cider vinegar, mango, lemon juice, and some herbs for a less creamy dressing.

Taking enough flaxseed orally will support your hair and skin, but you can also apply it directly to both. Wet your hair in the shower and dry it until it is no longer dripping. Massage your scalp directly with some flax seed oil, as you would with a normal non-natural conditioner. You can then rinse your hair and wash it with a natural shampoo. You can also apply it to dry or sunburned patches on your skin, or pour some in your bath water to use it as a moisturising bath oil.

Progurt Probiotics

Most people eat a lot more during the winter than during the summer. They also tend to eat more pasta, pizza, and other hardy but potentially unhealthy foods when it is cold. The bacteria that live in our digestive tracts depend on the food that we eat, and different food types accordingly spur the growth of different types of bacteria. With all the unhealthy carbohydrate-rich winter food we have just consumed, our gut bacteria colony can do with some healthy restructuring in the form of probiotic supplementation.

Progurt Probiotic is the world's most advanced and most potent probiotic supplement. Each super-strength probiotic sachet of gut formulation contains 1 trillion beneficial bacteria. This is a massive 30 to 40x more than the average probiotic supplement in the UK.

Fulvic Restore

Following all the winter binge eating, many people want to detox, but without the painful juice diets or water fasts. Fulvic Restore is popular in the natural health community as an antioxidant that moves easily through cell membranes and thereby transports nutrients to the centre of cells. People usually take it to prevent and repair cell damage caused by oxidation. In addition, it provides the trace minerals that our bodies need and that modern farming practices have mostly depleted from the soil in which our food is planted

It Pay’s All Year Long to Invest in Summertime Health Essentials

Do not overlook your body's summertime needs when budgeting for your health supplies. If you keep your body healthy during the summer, you may be surprised how healthy it remains during the winter too.