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Progurt’s mission is to supply the highest-quality, most advanced probiotic and gut care supplements with no compromise on innovation, ingredients, quality and functionality. Their flagship product, Progurt Probiotic, is the strongest in the world, boasting 1 trillion Colony-Forming Units per sachet. Their ancillary products, meanwhile, speak to their holistic approach to restoring harmony in the gut and associated organs. Progurt believe, as we do, that by changing your health internally, you are capable of altering your entire external universe. Browse the range below.

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3 Items

  1. Progurt Immuno Protein

    From £97.75

    • Glycoprotein supplement
    • Contains lactoferrin
    • Natural prebiotic
  2. Progurt Enzymes

    From £97.75

    • Plant-derived proteolytic enzymes
    • Richly nourishing blend
    • 30 servings
  3. Progurt pH Caps

    From £87.75

    • Deep-ocean alkaline capsules
    • High ph (10.3)
    • All-natural ingredients