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WHC supplies the most unique, environmentally-friendly omega supplements, selected on the basis of safety requirements, purity, eco-management and the highest possible quality, via Nutrogenics.

The company guarantees ‘the best of the best’ omega-3 products, as demonstrated by their high omega-3 concentration, pharmaceutical quality, third-party certification (International Fish Oil Standards Program) and #1 Labdoor ranking for UnoCardio 1000.

WHC’s approach is less focused on clever marketing tactics; their passion is solely focused on ensuring products are pure and effective. The supplements are purchased at very competitive prices whilst helping others in the process. The reason is because WHC, via its Nutrogenics distribution company, invests in studies and collaborates with non-profit organisations within the healthcare sector.

We have partnered with WHC for a number of years, because we share a similar commitment to helping customers achieve optimal health.

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7 Items

  1. UnoCardio Vegan

    From £27.75

    • Vegan Algae Oil Softgels
    • Omega-3 800mg
    • 265mg EPA/465mg DHA
  2. QuattroCardio

    From £49.75

    • All-in-one dietary supplement
    • Contains over 1g omega-3 fish oil
    • Plus Vitamin K2, D3 & CoQ10
  3. O'Hisa

    From £42.75

    • Plant-based nutraceutical
    • Contains skin-friendly nutrients
    • Pure quality, no chemical solvents
  4. QuattrO3 + PS

    From £23.75

    • Fish oil for children
    • Over 90% omega-3
    • 400 i.u. of Vitamin D3
  5. UnoCardio Active Mind + Vision

    From £27.75

    • 545mg omega-3 in rTG form
    • Vitamin D & B complex
    • For brain, vision & immunity
  6. WHC UnoCardio X2: Pure Fish Oil

    From £37.75

    • 1150mg omega-3
    • Ranked #3 by Labdoor
    • Two-month supply
  7. UnoCardio 1000

    From £37.75

    • #1 ranked fish oil (Labdoor)
    • 675mg EPA + 460mg DHA
    • 1,000 i.u. Vitamin D