Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Supplements

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Purity and potency were our primary concerns when sourcing a fish oil supplier. We're proud to stock WHC's range, independently certified by Labdoor as the best of the best.

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  1. UnoCardio Fish Oil - 100ml

    From £39.75

    • 90% Omega-3, 90% Tryglyceride form
    • Suitable for pesco-vegetarians
    • Certified from sustainable fisheries
  2. UnoCardio 1000

    From £37.75

    • #1 ranked fish oil (Labdoor)
    • 675mg EPA + 460mg DHA
    • 1,000 i.u. Vitamin D
  3. UnoCardio X2

    From £37.75

    • 1150mg omega-3
    • Ranked #3 by Labdoor
    • Two-month supply
  4. UnoCardio Active Mind + Vision

    From £27.75

    • 545mg omega-3 in rTG form
    • Vitamin D & B complex
    • For brain, vision & immunity
  5. QuattrO3 + PS

    From £23.75

    • Fish oil for children
    • Over 90% omega-3
    • 400 i.u. of Vitamin D3
  6. QuattroCardio

    From £49.75

    • All-in-one dietary supplement
    • Contains over 1g omega-3 fish oil
    • Plus Vitamin K2, D3 & CoQ10
  7. B-Hada III

    From £25.75

    • Combines 4 essential fatty acids
    • Omega oil formulation for women
    • One month supply

Research continues to underline the significant therapeutic benefits that fish oil consumption can bring to our diets. In particular to brain health, heart health and skeletal health.

Water for Health represents WHC Health Consulting in the UK and Ireland. They manufacture very high-quality fish oils and other specialist dietary supplements. In the case of their fish oils, they have the highest concentration of EPA/DHA available.

WHC products are manufactured in Europe to exceedingly high standards so as to ensure their purity. WHC also harvest fish from sustainable sources using cold and environmentally-friendly technology.

The company have combined their high-quality fish oils with other valuable nutrients to give you a range of products that support overall health, and in particular the health of your brain, cardiovascular system, joints and immunity.

Since 2015, UnoCardio 1000 has been ranked the world's best-quality fish oil by independent laboratory Labdoor.

Of the 53 products tested, it was the only one to be awarded an overall A rating, taking into account quality, purity and value. In short, it was recognised as the best of the best.

UnoCardio X2 is currently ranked #3.